My Hurricane Irma Experience


Hey guys! How’s it going?

Well as you probably know, Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on Florida over the weekend. Not my first rodeo but I’d never experienced a hurricane like this one.

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What’s going on?

Sorry I’ve been MIA this week. But I’m in Florida and have been doing what I can to be prepared for Hurricane Irma, who will be paying the state a visit soon. 

For those of you wondering, I’m on the west coast of the state (Tampa area). Right now things are looking a little better for us on my side of the state but east coast is likely to get hammered. The storm is still a few days out and there’s still that “cone of uncertainty” of where Irma is actually going to go.

As of this writing, Irma has been shifting east and is expected to make a turn to the north sometime in the next 48 hours. But even the weather experts don’t know when or where that will happen yet. You can track these storms and make predictions til the cows come home but you don’t know what they’re going to do until they do it. 

Case in point? Hurricane Charley in 2004. All the models & storm tracks had Tampa marked as where it would make landfall. This was the data until just just a few hours before it was supposed to hit, then Charley took an unexpected, sudden sharp turn and hit Cape Coral/Ft Myers, which is about 130 miles south of Tampa. And the storm blew up the I4 interstate coridoor and through Orlando (I had friends who evacuated to Orlando and the storm followed them up there). 

I got supplies, water, food, batteries. I’m just keeping an eye on things. If the track changes and I have to leave, I got a plan ready. But for now I’m staying where I am. 

I’ll try to keep you updated as best as I can. This isn’t my first storm. I’m not panicking. There’s no good in that. I’ll check in again on social media when I can. 😊