My Favorite Alternatives to the Beauty Blender

Hey guys! How’s it going?

I’m going to try to get back to posting a couple times a week as I have a LOT of things to talk about. It’s pretty much a win-win for everyone as you’ll get more content from me a a result! Yay!

So… the Beauty Blender. This little sponge has been a MAJOR game changer in the makeup world. It creates a flawless airbrushed finish. It can be used wet or dry and with liquid, cream or powder products. For a long time, there was nothing that came close. NOTHING.

Until now.

Over the last few years, companies have been making beauty sponges that are just as good as the Beauty Blender. And sometimes even better. And also less expensive. Because let’s face it, paying $20 for a SPONGE is a bit much. I get it that it’s a REALLY GOOD sponge, but now there are lots of more affordable options out there, why would you WANT to spend $20 for a sponge anymore?

So today, I’m going to share with you my favorite alternatives to the Beauty Blender. And they’re all under $10. You ready? Let’s get going!

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