I know I’ve been MIA…

Hey guys!

I know. I’ve been MIA this week. I just haven’t had the time to do any posts. I’m finally over the cold that had been nagging me for a couple weeks. That dang chest congestion just hangs around WAY longer than it’s welcome.

Then last week I had oral surgery. I had broken my back molar the week before while eating Peanut M&M’s (just happened to bite thr wrong way and… yep). It was a clean break almost straight across, but one edge was still attached to the root so it wouldn’t wiggle out. There was no saving the tooth so I went to the dentist and they said couldn’t do it there and sent me to an oral surgeon the following day and got the whole thing out. Yeah that was fun.

And if that wasn’t enough, I thought my cold was coming back, (woke up the other day with my head congested and my nose running like a leaky faucet). But I’ve been ok since then. It’s the weather here in Florida. It can’t seem to make up its mind what it wants to do. One day it’s warm, then we got a cold snap for a few days, then it got warm again, then it got cooler again. Now it’s warmer again… and now it’s supposed to cool off for a couple days again next week! GAH!

Plus… well Christmas is less than a week away and I’ve been getting ready for that (got all my shopping done and presents wrapped/bagged).

Overall, it’s just been chaos over in my neck of the woods. So I’m just taking this week off and hopefully things will have calmed down after Christmas and I’ll have a new post or two for you guys later next week. Ok? We cool? Ok!

So that’s all! Just wanted to let you guys know I’m still alive (barely – LOL!) and I’ll be back again ASAP!


I’m Back! What I’ve Been Up To…

Hey guys! I’m finally back! My wonky internet issues have finally been resolved (for now at least). Seems like I’ve been away from you guys for months instead of just a couple weeks. I’ve missed you guys! Hope you missed me too.

So what have I been up to since we last chatted? Well…

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