Review: ColourPop Pretty Fresh Foundation and Concealer

Hi Guys! How’s it going?

Ok I totally suck. I was ready to start doing more regular posts last month and then I just slacked off. No excuse. I’m sorry.

But I’m here today and I have a review for you of the Pretty Fresh foundation and Pretty Fresh concealer from ColourPop.

You ready? Let’s get going!

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3 Juvia’s Place Palettes/1 Mega-Sized Review

Hi guys! Hop’re you’re all doing well.

I have a review for you today on not one… not two…. but three palettes from Juvia’s Place. Last month, Ulta had a bunch of Juvia’s Place palettes on sale, but by the time I was able to pull the trigger, the ones I wanted were sold out. So I hopped on the Juvia’s website and I was able to get the same palettes for the same on sale price as Ulta. Shipping was quite fast as I received them less than a week after I ordered them.

So if you want to know about the palettes I got and what I think of them, keep on reading!

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Review: LA Girl Pro Artistry & Pro Mastery Palettes

Hi everyone! How’s everyone doing? I know things are crazy and downright weird right now with everything going on in the world. I’m right there with you. It all feels like a bad dream, like we’re in the Twilight Zone or something. I’m finally working from home for the time being, which is weird as I’ve never really had a job that’s given me that option. But I love my new coworkers (aka, my cats).

Anyhow, today I hope to give you a break from the gloom & doom of the everyday, and have a review for you on the new Pro Artistry and Pro Mastery palettes from LA Girl.

So, get comfy, grab a snack and let’s get going!

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ColourPop Black Friday Haul

Hey guys! Hows’s it going?

Can you believe it’s less than 2 weeks until Christmas? Do you have your shopping done yet? Have you even started? I got a little done, but hoping to get things finished off this weekend (I’m going to Orlando on Saturday to look for things you can’t find around here… and to pop by Disney Springs to see the Christmas tree trail… be sure to be following me on Instagram (@themakeupcase17) if you’d like to see photos of that).

Anyhow, as you know, Black Friday was just a couple weeks ago. I’m not crazy enough to do the camping out overnight thing anymore (which I’ll admit I’ve done a couple times). I really didn’t even look at the Black Friday ads this year. The majority is deals on TVs and computers, phones…. we got a new TV when we moved in July and I got a much-needed new laptop and phone over the summer as well. So… meh. I did go over to Target later in the day and found a few presents for my boyfriend, but nothing major.

But I did see ColourPop was having a Black Friday sale offering 30% off site-wide… including palettes! Of course I had to take advantage as I’d had some things on my wishlist I wanted to finally pull the trigger on. My order finally arrived this week (I knew they’d been bombarded with orders during the sale plus the bazillion new launches they keep pumping out, plus customer service was great keeping me updated on the progress of my order when I reached out to them). What did I get? Keep reading to find out…

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