April 2020 Hits & Misses

Hey guys! Hope you’re all still doing well.

It was a crazy April, wasn’t it? And I don’t know about you, but for me, April went by a lot faster than the second half of March. Will be interesting to see how fast/slow May goes. I’m still working from home for the time being, but my boyfriend has gone back to work as Florida’s “safer at home” order expired at the end of April and some non-essential businesses (like my boyfriend’s store) have been able to reopen this week.

Anyhow, today I have some favorites from this past month, plus a couple misses. I know some of you haven’t been wearing much makeup or even any makeup since this whole quarantine thing started. I personally have because it just gives me some sense of normalcy. I haven’t really been buying much either (outside of a couple little splurges at the end of this month).

But let’s take a look at what I had been liking a lot in April!

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My Top Picks of 2019

Hi guys! Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s now 2020!

Today I have my top picks of 2019 for you. Was going to do a “Top 19 of 2019”, but I couldn’t come up with 19 products to talk about! 2019 was kind of an underwhelming year for me despite the constant makeup releases. Not a whole lot really caught my eye. Instead I was pulling the trigger more on things that had been on my radar for awhile. But there were a few new launches in 2019 I couldn’t get my grubby paws on fast enough!

So… some of the things I’ll be talking about today were in fact new releases in 2019. Others are either rediscovered old favorites or “new to me” things I finally tried after hemming and hawing over them for ages.

So grab a snack, get comfy and let’s get going!

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September 2019 Favorites

Hey guys! How’s it going?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe how fast this year has been going by. Only 3 more months to go!

Anyhow, I got my September favorites for you today. Got some beauty and non-beauty stuff to talk about. So make yourself comfortable and let’s get going!

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July 2019 Favorites

Hey guys! How’s it going?

Can you believe it’s already August? Summer may be winding down for some of you, but here in Florida, we’ll have hot & humid weather for at least another 3-4 months (things don’t really cool down here much until December at the earliest).

Anyhoo… I got my July favorites for you today! Got a few non-beauty items this month too.

You ready? Let’s go!

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