The $1000 Sephora Dream Basket Challenge

Hi guys! How’s it going?

Today I got something a little different for you. I’ve been seeing this Sephora $1000 “dream basket” challenge going around YouTube and decided to do my own take on it.

$1000 to spend at Sephora? It really doesn’t get you as much as you might think, but it gets you more than most would spend at one time there (I think the most I’ve ever spent there at once is $150… and that’s because I had gift cards to burn).

This challenge was I believe started by EmilyNoel83 over on YouTube, so wanted to give credit where it’s due.

So if money were no object and I had $1000 to blow at Sephora, what would I buy? Will I go totally of the wall? Will I be more reasonable? Keep reading to find out!

Natasha Denona Gold Palette – $129

It seems like Natasha’s eyeshadow formula can be hit and miss. I own the Mini Lila and Mini Star palettes… Mini Lila is mostly a miss (save for 2 shades), but the Mini Star is a major hit for me. Her larger palettes look so pretty but the price tag is not. But I’ve heard lots of good things about the Gold palette.

Tatcha The Water Cream – $68

I want to know what the hype about this is. Really. I’ve used other high end moisturizers before, and they’re good (I went through 2 or 3 jars of the Belif Aqua Bomb), but I can usually find something that works just as well at a much lower price point.

Tatcha The Silk Canvas Primer – $52

This would actually be a repurchase. I’m currently on my 2nd full size of this (after blowing through 2 mini sizes last year) and it’s become my favorite primer ever. It works amazing with EVERY foundation I’ve tried it with. It plays really well with my oily/combo skin. I know Hard Candy makes what some are calling a “dupe”, but I stick with the Tatcha because it also has some skincare benefits infused into it.

Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner (32oz bottle) – $42

This would be another repurchase, as I’ve gone through smaller size bottles of this and I love it so much. If you hate cleaning your makeup brushes, this stuff makes doing it a breeze! Seriously. I’ve been able to clean 30-40 brushes in 15 minutes or so (compared to almost an hour with soap & water). You just quickly dip the brush in, wipe it around on a paper towel for a few seconds and… boom! Your brush is clean, dry and sanitized! The only off-putting this is the smell, It has a kind of strong alcohol meets vanilla cupcake smell that really doesn’t fade. But I can get past that (though I know for some this would be a deal-breaker).

VERB Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair – $18

I’ve always wanted to try VERB hair products, but they’re not exactly cheap. I’ve tried the Batiste dry shampoo for dark hair and I like it a lot, but I’d like to see how one from a higher end brand compares.

Viseart Coy Eyeshadow Palette – $80

Viseart shadows ain’t cheap. Well, if you break it down it’s like $6 a shadow, which in itself isn’t bad. But $80n all at once? Yikes. But I love how colorful this palette is. It’s all shades I would totally use and it’s so pretty! Only Viseart palette I currently own is the original Petit Pro, which I got in my swag bag at The Makeup Show a few years ago (and I about screamed when I saw it in there).

Viseart Dark Edit Eyeshadow Palette – $39

Yep another Viseart palette. I love the color story in this one too and again, all colors I would totally use. I may actually pick this up next month as a birthday treat to myself.

YSL Black Opium (3oz size) – $124

I have a travel size of this perfume and it’s one of my favorites. It’s sexy, it’s spicy, it’s warm… everything I want in a scent. Plus the bottle is gorgeous. I don’t buy many larger size fragrances, but for this one I’d make an exception.

YSL Pur Couture Lipstick – $76 ($38 each)

I already own one of YSL’s Pur Couture lipsticks (shade 53, Beige Promenade), and I love it so much. The formula is really nice, it has my preferred satin finish, and the packaging is so luxe and makes me feel expensive. The 2 colors I picked here are 70 Le Nu (basic nude) and 10 Beige Tribute (dark nude). When going for such spendy lipsticks, I tend to go for shades I can wear every day and get my money’s worth from.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer – $52

Hourglass is so expensive. Overly so in some ways. But their products are good. I usually prefer a matte bronzer, but these ones from Hourglass have just a sheen to them to give you a nice, healthy glow without looking glittery. I chose the shade Diffused Bronzed Light, as it’s a cool-tone bronzer, which I usually prefer as you can also use it as a contour shade if you want.

 Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder – $48

I actually have a full size of this right now. I mainly use it to set my undereye concealer, but sometimes I like to use it to set my whole face. I love how airbrushed this powder makes me look. But it’s so freaking expensive! Which is why I mainly only use it to set undereye concealer.

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 (0.5oz size) – $18

I got a 100 point perk size of this at Sephora as I was in need of a new green corrector. This stuff surprised me. It’s different because when you open the jar, the product inside is definitely green. But once you apply it to areas where you want redness neutralized, it transforms into a more beige shade to blend in better and not be so blatantly green. It also appears to help calm any redness I have as well as neutralize it. A little goes a LONG way, so just a travel size would last me quite awhile.

Alterna Haircare Caviar Anti-Aging Infinite Color-Hold Shampoo & Conditioner – $68 ($34 each)

I picked up travel sizes of the Alterna Anti-Aging Moisture shampoo& conditioner last year and was impressed with both. They made my hair feel clean, conditioned and didn’t impact my color in an negative way. Now there’s a color-protecting version? I’m here for it.

Sephora Collection Crease: Uncomplicated Brush Set – $40

You can NEVER have too many makeup brushes, especially eye brushes. These look nice and from past experience, Sephora brand brushes are pretty soft and work well.

Sephora Collection Eyes: Uncomplicated Brush Set – $40

Again, you can never have too many eye brushes.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream (1oz size) – $60

I’ve gotten samples of all the various Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances over the years. I hated the original Daisy. It smelled awful to me. Daisy Love? That one is nice, but it reminds me a lot of YSL Black Opium. Daisy Dream? It has a different scent that I normally don’t go for, but I like it. It’s floral and clean and just pleasant to my nose.

Grand Total: $999

OMG I came in a dollar under!

So that’s what I’d get…. how about you?

As always, thank you all so much for reading, and I’ll see you again soon in my next post!

4 thoughts on “The $1000 Sephora Dream Basket Challenge

  1. This is such a great idea! I really loved reading your list, and like how you have some fun things that you’d like to try if someone gave you $1000, but also some “necessary” replacements. I didn’t know that Verb has a dark version of the dry shampoo, but I need that in my life! I have the regular version which came in a Verb kit I bought, and it definitely leaves a white cast.

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  2. I agree – a grand at Sephora really doesn’t go that far especially in Canadian dollars! Buy a few skincare products and a palette and that’s about it these days! 😛
    I’d probably splurge and buy some Pat McGrath and Tom Ford stuff. I’ve never tried Natasha Denona eye shadows and some people swear by the formula – none of the palettes have appealed to me yet. That Gold palette is $170 CAD. 😮

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