3 Juvia’s Place Palettes/1 Mega-Sized Review

Hi guys! Hop’re you’re all doing well.

I have a review for you today on not one… not two…. but three palettes from Juvia’s Place. Last month, Ulta had a bunch of Juvia’s Place palettes on sale, but by the time I was able to pull the trigger, the ones I wanted were sold out. So I hopped on the Juvia’s website and I was able to get the same palettes for the same on sale price as Ulta. Shipping was quite fast as I received them less than a week after I ordered them.

So if you want to know about the palettes I got and what I think of them, keep on reading!

I’m a big fan of Juvia’s Place eye palettes. The formula is so good and the pigmentation is out of this world. I already had 3 of their palettes (the Afrique, The Tribe and the Nubian palettes) and I love them all.

The palettes I got in this little haul are The Zulu, The Douce, and The Nomad.

The Zulu

This is a very bright palette that screams spring and summer to me. It retails for $20 and contains 9 shadows in a mix of matte and shimmer/metallic finishes. The shades in this palette are:

  • Shade 1: matte tangerine
  • Shade 2: matte canary yellow
  • Shade 3: matte pecan brown
  • Shade 4: matte jade green
  • Shade 5: metallic lime green
  • Shade 6: aquamarine shimmer
  • Shade 7: metallic rose gold
  • Shade 8: matte magenta
  • Shade 9: matte electric purple

The size of the pans in this palette are huge. They’re probably around the size of an old 50 cent piece (Who’s old enough to remember those? Besides me?). The shadows mostly feel soft. A couple feel a little hard/gritty, but don’t let that fool you, because every shadow in this palette has great pigmentation… even the yellow and the purple (two of the trickiest shades to formulate). Now this palette might look intimidating if you’re not used to using bright colors, but it’s more versatile than it may appear to be. You know I love palettes that you can create a variety of looks from, and this one is no exception. You can lightly go in with that matte pecan brown shade in the crease and use the metallic rose gold or the metallic green on the lid for something more toned down. Or you can make yourself look like a peacock!


The Douce

I’d been going back and forth for ages on wanting this one.. It looked so pretty but just couldn’t bring myself to pulling the trigger… until I was able to score it on sale. This palette also retails for $20 and contains 9 shades in matte and shimmer/metallic finishes. This palette is unique as it’s pastel, but more bold pastels. Another that screams spring and summer for me.

The shades in this palette have names. And they are:

  • Chocolat: matte dark mocha
  • Tart: iridescent ice purple
  • Creme: matte coral
  • Macarons: mint shimmer with gold reflects
  • Custard: matte bright orchid
  • Duffs: blush pink shimmer
  • Berry Mousse: matte sandcastle
  • Mont Blanc: graphite shimmer
  • Crepes: matte pinkish peach

Once again, the pan sizes are huge, so you get a lot of product. The formula is the standard Juvia’s Place formula many have come to love. Super pigmented and they apply and blend nicely. I really love the icy purple shade, Tart. You can wear it on the lid or it makes a gorgeous inner corner highlight too. I’m so happy I finally decided to get this one.


The Nomad

This is one of the newest 9 pan palettes from Juvia’s Place as it was released last year (fall 2019). It retails for $15 and the pan size of the shadows is a little smaller than the previous 2 palettes mentioned here (about the size of a quarter). But still a little bigger than your standard MAC/ColourPop single shadow. This one screams fall/winter to me as the colors are darker, focusing on a brown/yellow/green color story in again a mix of matte and shimmer/metallic finishes.

Unfortunately, the Juvia’s Place site doesn’t have descriptions of the shades like the others. And I suck at trying to describe colors, so… sorry about that!

If you like more neutral shades, this one would be more up your alley. It’s a really pretty palette that you can create some really nice fall-inspired looks with. A couple of the shades (top row middle & bottom row far left) are interesting as they have some glitter/sparkle mixed in. Depending how you use these shades, the sparkle can show up, or just blend away. The two shimmer/metallic shades are really gorgeous. I love one is light and neutral and the other is dark and bold. You can create some unique more smoky looks with this palette as well as something simple and toned down.


I really love all three palettes and glad I decided to add them to my collection. I now have 6 palettes from Juvia’s Place (7 if you count the Mini Nubian). I think I own as many of their palettes as I do ColourPop & LA Girl (my other favorite affordable brands).

Ok that should do it! Do you own any of these palettes? Are any on your wishlist?

As always, thank you all so much for reading and your support. I’m getting more inspired again, so I should hopefully have more posts for you guys soon. Until then… see you next time!

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