April 2020 Hits & Misses

Hey guys! Hope you’re all still doing well.

It was a crazy April, wasn’t it? And I don’t know about you, but for me, April went by a lot faster than the second half of March. Will be interesting to see how fast/slow May goes. I’m still working from home for the time being, but my boyfriend has gone back to work as Florida’s “safer at home” order expired at the end of April and some non-essential businesses (like my boyfriend’s store) have been able to reopen this week.

Anyhow, today I have some favorites from this past month, plus a couple misses. I know some of you haven’t been wearing much makeup or even any makeup since this whole quarantine thing started. I personally have because it just gives me some sense of normalcy. I haven’t really been buying much either (outside of a couple little splurges at the end of this month).

But let’s take a look at what I had been liking a lot in April!

Mommy Makeup Any Wear Creme

I love using the MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as my eye base. However, I started running low this past month and saw this on Amazon while browsing. I’d never heard of Mommy Makeup before, but doing a little research, I saw they’re a cruelty-free brand based in the US. Their Any Wear Creme claims to be waterproof, crease proof and smudge proof. It’s also oil free, paraben free and infused with Vitamins A and E. I got the shade Nudetrality, which is described as a “matte warm nude”. It’s actually a little darker and more my “skin tone” compared to Painterly, but the consistency is VERY similar. The pot you get is kind of small (you get 3g compared to 5g in the MAC Paint Pot, though both retail for $22), but I discovered a little goes a very long way. I really like this as an eye base as shadows apply, blend and staying power is the exact same over it as the MAC Paint Pot. I’ve since been told  the shade Cashmere is a close dupe for Painterly, so I might give that a try once my Painterly is totally used up.

Milani Silky Matte Bronzer

I ended up picking up the lightest shade in this (01 Sun Light), as I already have the shade 02 Sun Kissed, and while I like it, I realized that shade will be better for me in the summer. The quality of these bronzers are really nice. They’re soft and silky (as the name implies), blend out nice without looking splotchy/patchy and don’t look orange or red on me. Plus they smell kind of like the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzers, but not as strongly, which is nice if you’re sensitive to smells (you really gotta get your nose in there to smell it, but it smells like summer). These are probably my favorite affordable bronzers after the ColourPop pressed powder ones.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation

An oldie but a goodie. I remember using this in the 90s. I actually hadn’t used it in maybe 15 years (or longer), so I picked up a bottle to try to see if I still liked it. And I actually do. I got the shade C2.5 Ivory Beige, which is a decent match for me. It has a solid medium coverage that can be built up if desired, and a natural finish (since I’m oily I do set it with powder to mattify it a bit more to my liking). Staying power is impressive, though it does break up a little around my nose and chin after awhile, but that’s nothing unusual for me. I’m glad I rediscovered this one, but it doesn’t beat the L’Oreal Infallible Freshwear (my favorite drugstore foundation) for me.

Miliani Color Statement Lipstick in Teddy Bare

If you read my recent post “My Favorite Brown/Terracotta Lipsticks“, you’ll know this was one of those mentioned. I had to purchase a new one as my previous one was old and went off. This is the perfect brown lip color if you have light to light/medium skin. I love the formula of the Milani Color Statement lipsticks. They’re super comfortable and have pretty good staying power.

I have one non-beauty favorite for April as well…

Loungefly Cinderella Mini Backpack

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I loooove the mini backpacks that Loungefly makes. My boyfriend bought me my first one for my birthday a couple years ago and it’s been all downhill ever since as I started collecting them (also my boyfriend’s idea, so this is really his fault. LOL!). I currently own 7 mini backpacks and 1 crossbody bag, but I have 3 more mini backpacks on the way (I told you I have a problem). Right now, this Cinderella one is the newest addition to my collection. It’s exclusive to the shop Box Lunch (great shop as every $10 you spend, they donate a meal to Feeding America). I’m really not a big Disney princess fan. I actually got this bag to go with my awesome Cinderella inspired Minnie ears I got from SewCuteEarCo in March. And they match perfectly! By the way, I plan on doing a post on all my Loungefly bags in the near future. So keep your eyes peeled.

And I have a couple misses for the month. I had to use stock photos because I’ve thrown both of these products away already.

LA Girl Sweet Lip Scrub

I’m always looking for new lip scrubs to try, My lips are perpetually dry all the time and need all the help they can get. This failed to do it for me. It hard hardly any scrubbies in it at all. It just felt like a thick lip balm, which is not what I was after. Very disappointed. I ended up purchasing a new ELF lip exfoliator stick thingy in its place (I love those & have gone through several).

ELF Instant Lift Brow Pencil

I’ve used these before and I used to really like them. But this time… I don’t know if they changed the formula or if I got a bad one, but this one was really bad. It was super patchy and I really had to work to make it work. Another disappointment. I did however also purchase their new Ultra Precise Brow Pencil and so far, I like that much better than the Instant Lift one as it’s definitely a different formula.

And that’s everything! What were the things you enjoyed during April? Tell me about them below in the comments.

As always, thank you all so much for reading. I’ll see you again soon in my next post!

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