Review: LA Girl Pro Artistry & Pro Mastery Palettes

Hi everyone! How’s everyone doing? I know things are crazy and downright weird right now with everything going on in the world. I’m right there with you. It all feels like a bad dream, like we’re in the Twilight Zone or something. I’m finally working from home for the time being, which is weird as I’ve never really had a job that’s given me that option. But I love my new coworkers (aka, my cats).

Anyhow, today I hope to give you a break from the gloom & doom of the everyday, and have a review for you on the new Pro Artistry and Pro Mastery palettes from LA Girl.

So, get comfy, grab a snack and let’s get going!

Ok, so LA Girl released these palettes earlier this year. They retail for $14.99-$18 each (depending on where you purchase). Each palette contains 16 shades in a mix of matte, shimmer and metallic finishes. I purchased both of my palettes at CVS, as I had an offer in my CVS app for 40% off LA Girl and some other beauty related coupons and ExtraBucks rewards I wanted to take advantage of. So I paid around $8 each for my palettes, which was a freaking steal. If you don’t have the CVS app, I highly recommend it!

Oh and in case you didn’t know, LA Girl is a cruelty-free brand. You can find them in Ulta, Target, CVS and online at LA Girl’s website.

The packaging of both palettes is hard plastic and they have some good weight to them. They feel like a more high end product. Inside is a large mirror. Also inside, the names of the shadows are printed on a sheet of clear plastic that lays over the shadows and is attached to the side of the palette. I found this highly annoying, so I removed the plastic sheet. The names of the shadows are also on the back of the palette.

Let’s start with the Artistry palette. The color story in this palette is more on the neutral/warm tone side, with a few cooler toned shades and some jewel tones. If you like browns, blues, golds and greens, this palette would be right up your alley.

The shadows themselves feel soft, though some of the metallics feel slightly gritty. But when both swatched and applied to the eyes, the pigmentation is really nice. I was very pleasantly surprised with how nice and easy these shadows are to work with. You can create simple, everyday neutral looks or you can go all out with something bold using the blue, green & gold shades. It’s a very versatile palette. Some of the lighter matte shades you need to build up, but that’s not a deal breaker as it makes the palette more user-friendly for even beginners. The black shade, Sleek, isn’t the darkest black I’ve ever used, but it’s not terrible and can be built up. Some of the metallics are so pigmented they almost look wet, which I love.


TOP ROW: Expressive, Radiance, Virtuoso, Zeal

2ND ROW: Creative, Savvy, Finesse, Brilliance

3RD ROW: Graceful, Chief, Hotshot, Prodigy

BOTTOM ROW: Champion, Charming, Passionate, Sleek

Now onto the Mastery palette. The color story in this one is definitely more on the mauve/rose side. If you’re a fan of pink, this one would be for you. There’s a nice balance of warm, neutral and cool tones that all play well with each other. Again, the shadows are mostly soft, with a few metallics feeling a little gritty. But pigmentation, like the Artistry palette, is really good. I love the mix of mauve, rose, pink, gold, rose gold & neutral shades. This is another where you can go light and simple or go bold and glam. Again, some of the mattes need to be built up, but they’re very workable. And the metallics are simply gorgeous and super pigmented.


TOP ROW: Aficionado, Boss, Skills, Profesh

2ND ROW: Lovely, Conquer, Fan Girl, Devotee

3RD ROW: Expert, Proper, Pretty, Maven

BOTTOM ROW: Polished, Aces, Guru, Dapper

Both palettes are consistent regarding quality. I’d say the quality of both of these palettes are some of the best LA Girl has done. These are on par with, and may even surpass the quality of the Born Exclusive palette they released late last year (and if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know how much I LOVE that palette). It’s funny because I had no intention of buying either of these palettes, but when I discovered that 40% off LA Girl offer in my CVS app, I caved and took advantage. And I’m glad I did as I really enjoy both of these palettes. I’ve used them separately and together.

Ok that should do it! Do you own either of these palettes? Tell me your thoughts below in the comments.

As always, thank you all so much for reading and your support. Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. I’ll see you again soon in my next post!

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