July 2019 Favorites

Hey guys! How’s it going?

Can you believe it’s already August? Summer may be winding down for some of you, but here in Florida, we’ll have hot & humid weather for at least another 3-4 months (things don’t really cool down here much until December at the earliest).

Anyhoo… I got my July favorites for you today! Got a few non-beauty items this month too.

You ready? Let’s go!

ColourPop Fame Palette

This palette surprised me. I usually avoid cool tones because they make me look washed out/sick. But this palette works really nicely for me. The formula of the shadows is what you expect from ColourPop (soft, buttery & pigmented). I’m happy I decided to give this one a try. You can read my full review here in case you missed it.

Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder

I got a mini of this during the Sephora sale this past spring. I mainly got it to use to set my undereye concealer. And it works great like that. Then I tried setting my entire face with it…. and it was all downhill from there. It looked so good! I blew through that mini size in basically 3 months and I knew I had to get the full size, which I purchased the other weekend. The hype this powder gets is real. I get it now. Ugh I hate it when I have no intention of buying something like that and then buy a full size after going through a mini like water. But if it’s good, it’s worth the investment.

L’Oreal Infallible ProMatte Glosses

I’d seen some talk about these on YouTube & social media. I’ve gotten away from matte liquid lipsticks because the majority of them are too drying on me and make my lips look awful. But a matte… gloss? It sounds weird but that’s exactly what it is. I have the shades Nude Allude and Statement Nude. Both are gorgeous. They got great pigmentation, apply smoothly and while they don’t totally dry down, they do have a more matte look to them and they’re super comfortable since they’re a gloss. Oh and they’re not sticky even in the slightest! They have decent weartime too!

Pat McGrath Labs Mini LUST Gloss Trio

This made my May favorites, and it’s a favorite again have the warm set (there’s also a cool tone set). They have enough pigment they can be worn alone, or you can wear them over a lip liner or lipstick. I like how all three shades look on me and while they’re a little sticky, they’re not overly so. Just enough.

And that’s it for the makeup! Onto the non-beauty faves!

New Townhouse

As you know, I moved at the end of June (and moved in with my boyfriend). We’re currently renting a totally renovated 2 bed/1.5 bath townhouse and despite the plumbing issued we had in the master bathroom when we first moved in (maintenance fixed 4 separate leaks and had to replace the entire shower/tub faucet works and got us a nice, bigger showerhead too), it’s been really nice. It’s a MAJOR upgrade over my old apartment. Sorry no photos. It’s hard to get decent ones, but I’ll try in the future if you’d like a house tour post. Just let me know!

World Market Blood Orange Soda

Do you have a CostPlus World Market in your area? It’s basically a store that has snacks & drinks from around the world as well as decor and furniture. I like getting Japanese candy at the one by me. Well, I saw their blood orange soda from Italy on a recent visit and got one to try. OMG it’s so good! It’s like a regular orange soda on steroids. The flavor is a lot richer and just delicious. I ended up going back for a couple more bottles and I plan on buying a few more bottles soon.

Mickey Mouse Ring

This is technically a cheat as I only just got this a week ago, but I love it already! I’d had my eye on this ring for almost a year (saw it in a shop at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World). I kept putting off buying it, but on our visit the other weekend, my boyfriend got it for me. It’s so cute! It’s sterling silver, so it won’t turn my finger green. I got a tiny size to wear on my pinky.

And that’s everything! What were some of your favorites from last month?

As always, thank you all so much for reading! I’ll see you again soon in my next post!

4 thoughts on “July 2019 Favorites

  1. I’ve been curious about that Hourglass setting powder! Haha now you have been trapped… I shouldn’t laugh, I recently opened a sample of a Guerlain Les Voiettes loose powder and I LOVE IT. Dammit. Those samples really work.

    I’ll have to look for that blood orange soda. I love anything blood orange!

    So happy for you on your new place (especially now the plumbing issues are resolved!)

    Liked by 1 person

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