My Favorite & Least Favorite Videos To Watch On YouTube

Hey guys! How’s it going? I’m currently dealing with getting over a cold. It’s the chest congestion that just hangs around and doesn’t want to leave. I’ve been taking meds but they only help so much. I’m tired of constantly honking like a lovesick moose or something though. It wears me out and gives me a headache.

I did manage to go to Busch Gardens with my best friend Kristen last weekend for Christmas Town. I love this event and have gone every year since it started. The park is so pretty at night with over a million lights and festive holiday decorations. They had the Rudolph characters back again this year and added Sam the Snowman. We love meeting characters so that was definitely a highlight… especially the Bumble! I got some photos & video on my Instagram if you’d like to check it out.

Anyhow, I thought I’d do something a little different today and share with you my fave and least fave kinds of YouTube videos. This idea had been brewing for awhile, then I saw my girl Kaily Baute and Jessica Braun do videos on this same topic and was all, “Well damn, they beat me to it!” LOL!

Soooooo… let’s just go ahead and jump into this!

Going to start with the types of videos I like to watch the most.

What’s New In Makeup

I love watching these kinds of videos because brands are releasing things like on a weekly basis now and it’s so hard to keep track of it all! So these kinds of videos help and give me ideas of new products I’d like to add to my list to eventually check out. I especially like it when channels highlight new drugstore releases as well as high end.

Sale Recommendations

When the Sephora and Ulta sales come along at different points in the year, it’s nice to get ideas of what’s worth checking out… new things to try as well as tried and true products. Besides my own opinions, I like to see what others recommend. Sometimes it inspires me to try something I may not have otherwise.


I love watching everyone’s monthly/quarterly/annual favorites. It’s fun to see if any of my personal favorites are the same as anyone else’s. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I just like to see what everyone has been really loving.


This one can be a bit borderline as some hauls can come off as “Oh look at all this expensive stuff I got!” Those ones I try to avoid. But I love seeing what others buy as it gives me ideas and you know I’ve done more than my fair share of haul posts on here too. Overall. most haul videos are fun to watch.


And now…. my least favorites.

PR Hauls

They just come off as borderline bragging in a way. I’ve gotten things sent to me as PR, but nothing on the scale as some of these YouTubers get. Am I jealous? I’ll admit it… yes I am a bit. I wish I wasn’t, but that jealousy bug bites me sometimes. Remember when Tarte sent a bunch of YouTubers a Roomba earlier this year? WTH? But also it irritates me when I see a YouTuber who gets sent every shade in a foundation collection or every single lipstick in a 20+ shade collection because you KNOW they’re not going to be using every single shade they got. I understand why brands do that though. At least with foundations/concealers, they’ll send every shade so that person can find their perfect match. But I find it so wasteful. Why not just send 2 or 3 shades in the range their skin tone is and at least ONE of those should match, right? Sending a pale girl 20 shades of foundation? No. And some of these bigger YouTubers don’t even act like they’re grateful they get sent this stuff. They got boxes and boxes of PR packages piling up around their house… it’s just crazy. Ok I’m rambling and going to shut up about this.

Gimmicky/Clickbait Videos

I can understand why smaller channels do it… to get views. But the bigger channels with hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers? You don’t need views that desperately! Curling your hair with snack products? What? Why? Only thing that’s going to do is make your hair a greasy mess. Gross. Anything that has “OMG!” or “WTF?” in the title/thumbnail is part of that too. Just… stop. If your video looks interesting, I’ll click on it.

Drama Videos

I’ll admit I’ve watched a few. And… good lawd. My brain wanted to implode afterward. Watching videos like that actually make me glad I’m a smaller beauty blogger/influencer because it makes it sounds like there’s just a ton of catty, back-stabbing Mean Girls high school BS going on out there in the bigger YouTuber/influencer world. I don’t know about some of you, but for me, high school was a loooooong time ago (I graduated 25 years ago this year). I got NO time for that.

First Impressions

I admit I’m guilty of doing some first impressions posts on my blog. But I’ve learned since then and I won’t do them anymore. A first impression is just that. Later on, you might end up not liking a product you claim to like in a first impressions video. Test it out long enough to do a proper review, you know?


This is another one that’s kind of borderline. Overall, I don’t watch tutorials anymore. It’s not because I think I know everything there is about makeup application. Not at all. I will watch one if I see a particular look I really like and I want to see what products they used to achieve the look (and hopefully already have those products or something similar in my collection to attempt to recreate it). Or if there’s a new technique I’d like to learn more about, I’ll fire up a tutorial.


And that’s it! What are your favorite & least favorite kinds of videos to watch on YouTube? Any of the ones I mentioned? Something else?

As always, thank you all so much for reading and I’ll see you again soon in my next post!


4 thoughts on “My Favorite & Least Favorite Videos To Watch On YouTube

  1. I pretty much agree with you on all of these!
    I hate PR hauls – I always wonder what the point of them is. To show off to their viewers? Or have they run out of material to talk about so showing the hoards of makeup they get sent is an easy way to pump out a video? I don’t know, but either way they are tacky, especially when the YouTuber doesn’t sound grateful for it at all.
    Favourites videos used to be my favourite type of video to watch, until I started realizing that YouTubers added a lot of sponsored products to their favourites. It’s made me wary of favourites videos!


    • Oh I know. I look to see if a video is sponsored before I even watch it. I have noticed some YouTubers have said they’re not going to do sponsored videos anymore. We’ll see how good on their word they are. They gotta pay for their $500,000+ homes and luxury cars somehow. 🙄

      Liked by 1 person

    • I stuck to just beauty related videos with this one, but another kind I absolutely LOVE to watch are on-ride POV of roller coasters and dark rides at theme parks. And history of theme park rides/theme parks videos. I can watch those all day long.


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