China Glaze “Happily Never After” Collection

Hey guys! How’s it going?

I got something a little different for you guys today. I have nail swatches of the entire new Happily Never After collection by China Glaze!

So grab yourself a beverage and let’s get going!


I came across a set of mini versions of all 6 shades in this collection at Sally Beauty… and my awesome boyfriend decided to buy it for me as a little present (he knows I’m a nail polish junkie). It’s very rare I get my hands on an entire nail polish collection, so I’m pretty excited to have this little set.

All of these shades looked right up my alley as I like fun, vampy polishes year-round. And this collection came out right at the perfect time with Halloween coming up in just a couple weeks.

The six shades in this collection are:

Queen, Please! – When you need the best and nothing less, set your sights on this iridescent pearl shimmer.

This one is pretty sheer and works best as a topper. But you could build this up a few coats if something more sheer is what you’re after.

Sin-Derella – Clock striking midnight? You’re just getting started! Who needs glass slippers when you can slip into this iridescent pink-gray shimmer.

This one is a little sheer. It takes 3 thin coats or two heavier coats to be opaque. But the red/pink shimmer in this is freaking gorgeous.

Lookin’ Gore-Gous – Vamp up the volume with a dark burgundy crème that summons the spirit of the season.

This is almost opaque with just one coat, but I always apply at least 2 coats no matter what the shade is. This looks REALLY pretty when topped with a coat of Queen, Please!

Crown For Whatever – Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the chillest of them all? You are in this royally relaxed matte purple. 

If you don’t like how it looks after it dries matte, you can make it shiny again by applying top coat over it (I actually like how it looks when it’s shiny/glossy as the shimmer in it shows up much nicer).

Life’s Grimm – Consider this gold-black shimmer your night in shining armor.

This is another that’s pretty much opaque with just one coat, but 2 coats brings it to its full potential. Really pretty and unique color.

Do You, Boo! – Make a splash during cocktail hour and beyond in this refreshing gold-flecked glitter.

This one is obviously to be used as a topper than by itself. Though you could use it alone on natural nails for something different.

All these polishes are really pretty, but I think my favorites in this collection are Sin-Derella, Life’s Grimm, and I can’t wait to use Queen, Please! as a topper over different creme polishes. I haven’t worn any of them yet but I plan to soon.

These polishes retail for $7.29 to $7.50 depending on where you purchase. All six shades are available at Sally Beauty (both in-store and online) and Ulta (online only). Sally Beauty also carries the set of 6 mini polishes for $14.99 (not sure if Ulta does as I couldn’t find it on their site).

And that should do it! Do you plan on getting your hands on any of these polishes? What shades do you like the best?

As always, thank you all so much for reading! I’ll see you again soon in my next post!


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