I’m Back! What I’ve Been Up To…

Hey guys! I’m finally back! My wonky internet issues have finally been resolved (for now at least). Seems like I’ve been away from you guys for months instead of just a couple weeks. I’ve missed you guys! Hope you missed me too.

So what have I been up to since we last chatted? Well…

Well, right before I went on my break, my boyfriend and I went to Walt Disney World for a weekend. We had so much fun and the weekend of course went by way too fast. I’ll have a little trip report post up soon.

I started getting caught up with my reading. I have books I bought 3 years ago I still haven’t touched. I love to read, but I just need to be in the right mood and have the time. I finished Joyland by Stephen King. It was a good book, but different from his usual horror as this was a crime novel. I still got a couple more books to get through and I will… eventually.

Last Sunday my boyfriend and I went to the Tampa Bay Rays game. I normally try to go to at least a few games a year, but sometimes things just come up or when I have the time I don’t have the money and when I have the money I don’t have the time. You know the drill. They played the Milwaukee Brewers (a team I’d never seen play before). Before the game I met Matt Garza. He was a pitcher for the Rays but is with the Brewers now. He threw the only no-hitter in Rays history back on July 26, 2010 vs the Detroit Tigers (my other team, go fig), which is pretty cool (side note: I didn’t go to that game, but I went the following night and Justin Verlander of the Tigers gave me a baseball).

Dome Sweet Dome

Blurry selfie with Matt Garza!

There were a bunch of sports mascots there that day too for a little mini Mascot Mania (the mascots played games and stuff). So much fun to watch. We were sitting near where the mascots would come off the field, so I kept running down to try to get photos with some of them. I managed to snag selfies with Wool E Bull (mascot of the Durham Bulls, the Rays AAA minor league team) and Thunder Bug (mascot for the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team – I’ve met him a couple times before and I think he recognized me).

Was so excited to finally meet Wool E Bull!

My buddy Thunder Bug!

I wanted a photo with Stuff  (Orlando Magic mascot – he’s an adorable dragon), but wasn’t fast enough. Some of the other mascots who were there were DJ from the Dunedin Blue Jays (Toronto Blue Jays high Class A minor league team), Baxter from the Arizona Diamondbacks, Captain Fear from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Shades from the Orlando Solar Bears (ECHL minor league hockey affiliate for the Toronto Maple Leafs), Kingston from Orlando City FC (MLS), Harry the Hawk from the Atlanta Hawks (NBA) and a couple others I can’t remember. Plus of course the Rays mascots, Raymond & DJ Kitty.

Anyhow, the game was a lot of fun and the Rays won on a walk-off homer from Steven Souza Jr! We’re going to try to go to another game before the end of the season.

Let’s see… what else? Oh my birthday was this past Tuesday. Wasn’t anything special. I had to work (blegh), but I redeemed some of my birthday freebies for dinner, so that was a bright spot. Tonight my boyfriend’s band has a gig and it’s going to be a little impromptu birthday party of sorts as well. Should be fun.

I’ve done a little makeup shopping but not a lot. I’ve really been doing my best to behave and use what I have. Most of what I’ve purchased lately have been repurchases of things I’ve run out of, but a few new goodies too. I’ll have a collective haul post up soon.

And that should do it! I’m glad I’m finally back and ready to dive into things. 🙂


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