June 2017 Favorites

Hey guys! How’s it going? Did you have a good 4th (if you live in the States)? Do anything fun? I just hung out with my boyfriend for the afternoon (we had lunch, ran a couple errands and watched some baseball on TV).

Ok so I meant to post this at the end of last week, but I was having internet issues. That’s all fixed now so…

Today I got my June favorites to share with you. Got that Coffee (or beverage of choice) in hand? Ok let’s get going!

Demure Cosmetics Mineral Color Eyeshadow in Spring Fever

The awesome folks at Demure Cosmetics/Deluvia Skincare gifted me this when I visited them to pick up a liquid lipstick I won in a giveaway they had on Instagram (turns out I live just a few miles from their HQ). I don’t use loose shadows much these days, but this color is so gorgeous. It’s got this funky duochrome-ish vibe that’s different from others I own. It’s almost milti-dimensional with the different colors I see in it. It looks great by itself, but it really pops when applied over a black base.

Left:, On it’s own (Can’t really see the swatch); Right, over a black base

Lancome Teint Idole 24 Hr Foundation

I got a new bottle of this toward the end of May at an outlet mall CCO. I really love this foundation. It has good coverage and staying power. It’s probably my 2nd favorite high end one after my beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear, but I refuse to pay the full $47 retail price for it. That’s just too much. So I’ll only buy it when I can get it cheaper.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – Liquid Version

I love my Becca highlighters, but lately I’ve really been loving the liquid version over the pressed powder one (which I also really like). I own Opal and Moonstone in the liquid form. They just sink into the skin and give off such a gorgeous glow without looking glittery or too over the top (though you can build it up if you like to be a walking disco ball).

Black Nails

For the last few months now I’ve been just completely obsessed with plain, black nails. I just love them. They’re just sleek and classic (for me at least). I’ll take a break and have pink nails for a week, then just go right back to the black nails for weeks on end. Ever since the early 90’s, back when I had acrylic nails, I’d always go for the dark, vampy polishes. And I still do 25 years later. Kiss came out with a black shade in their Gel Fantasy Nails line, which I love. Or else I’ll paint some plain ones up myself using Wet N Wild’s Color Icon polish in Black Creme (the Color Icon polishes are really good and so dirt cheap at 99¢).

Got a few non-beauty favorites this month too!

GLOW on Netflix

Back in the 80s’s there was this TV show called GLOW – Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. I’m not a big wrestling fan, and I never really watched this show, but I remember it. Well, Netflix has a new show that’s fictionalized account of how the series came to be. I didn’t have any interest in watching it at first, but decided to give it a shot since it’s set in the 80s. I ended up being sucked in after the very first episode and ended up binge watching the entire series over 2 nights. It’s a fun, easy watch (there’s ten 30 minute episodes) and it’s the perfect mix of comedy and drama. I really hope they do a season 2!

MMS Design Studio Mini Backpack

I found this mini backpack at TJ Maxx back in May and had to have it. I love the little eyes on the front pocket. It reminds me of Totoro or Chococat (from Hello Kitty/Sanrio). I use it mainly on the weekend, when I don’t want to carry a bigger purse with me. It actually holds a lot for being smaller. One of the straps already broke, but I was able to sew it up (using my less than stellar sewing skills) and keep using it.


I think I have a new obsession with aviator style sunglasses. I own 3 pair now. These I purchased at one of those mall kiosks that sell sunnies 2 pair for $20. I don’t like paying a lot for sunglasses because usually when I find a pair I like, I either lose them or they break. I’m still mad over my Panama Jack rubber sunglasses I bought in California summer of 1989 and then lost the following summer at Cedar Point. I was 15, but I loved those sunglasses and wore them all the time… until I lost them. Anyhow, these I got as they kind of reminded me of one of the styles from the Quay/Desi Perkins collab. But there is no way I’m paying $65 for a pair of shades. No way. So I got these and another pair of aviators for $20 total and they both do the job for me.

And that does it! What were some of your favorites from this past month? Tell me about them below in the comments.

As always, thank you all so much for reading and your support! I’ll see you again soon in my next post!


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