Review: 42 Dubonnet + Instagram Giveaway

Hey guys! How’s it going? Happy Friday! Got anything fun planned this weekend?

For today’s post, I have a review for you guys on some products from 42 Dubonnet. These products were sent to me as PR, but as you know all opinions are my own and I am always 100% honest with you guys.

Want to learn more about this brand? Keep on reading…

I discovered 42 Dubonnet (pronounced “do-bun-neh”) when I attended The Makeup Show Orlando back in March. Their Fringe Mascara was one of the items included in my press goodie bag (which I already reviewed and you can read here). They are a new independent brand that’s run by a mother-daughter team, Ann & Lauren (who I met at their booth at The Makeup Show and enjoyed talking with them), in Miami Beach. The brand is inspired by 1920’s art deco (which there is a lot of in Miami), which I am also a fan of. Oh and they are also a cruelty-free brand, which is always a bonus!

I was sent 3 products to try out: the Irresistible Kissible Lipstick, Illuminating Lip Gloss, and Sultry Eyes Gel Liner.

First off… how gorgeous are these are-deco design boxes the products come in? Love. I kept these as I love the design on them so much.

Let’s start with the lipstick! It retails for $21. It’s described as a full-coverage, hydrating matte formula that contains Vitamin E. I was sent the shade Sweet Vermouth, which I would describe as a mauvey-nude “my lips but better” shade. There is also a lighter pink shade called Pink Shimmy and a red shade called Dubonnet.

I like the compact design of the packaging. It was made to be taken on the go and can easily fit in your pocket or bag without taking up a lot of room.

I love the shade of this lipstick. It is exactly what I normally gravitate toward as it’s perfect for any time, day or night. It has great pigmentation and you get great payoff with just one swipe across the lips. For being a matte formula, it is not drying at ALL. This has to be the most comfortable traditional matte lipstick I have ever tried (and you know I like the ones from Maybelline and Milani quite a bit). And it has really good staying power too as it it says put pretty well even during light drinking/snacking.

Ok let’s talk about the lip gloss now. This also retails for $21. I was sent the shade Xanthia, which is described as “dark mauve” but I see it more as a nude shade. There’s also a pink shade called Blinker and a berry red shade called Grenadine.

Again… love the color! It pairs really well with the lipstick in Sweet Vermouth, or you can wear it on its own or on top of other lip products. It has a brush applicator instead of your standard doe foot. That threw me off a little at first, but had no issues applying. I did have a few bristles on the brush fray out, but I just snipped them off with scissors.

I like wearing this over my Palladio lip pencil in Spice and NYX lip pencil in Ever. It also looks nice over my MAC pencil in Whirl. The gloss has some shimmer in it but it doesn’t look glittery or weird on the lips. It actually gives it a nice hint of sparkle and shine to make your lips look a bit fuller. The gloss has a little bit of stickiness to it but not overly so. I don’t mind a little sticky as it helps stay on the lips better  and not feel slippery.

And finally, the gel liner. This retails for again $21 and only comes in one shade, black. The pot is tiny but it contains the same amount of product (3 grams) as other gel liners I own.

This liner is very unique. It has an actual gel consistency compared to other gel liners in my collection (which have a more solid consistency), which ended up totally throwing me. The first time I dipped a brush in the pot, I went to dig in like I’m used to with gel pot liners and ended up scooping a bunch out on the brush. Oops! I first tried applying this liner with my favorite angled liner brush from Emax Design. But it went on uneven/patchy, even though it swatched ok. So I tried some other angled liner brushes in my collection but got the same result. But I wasn’t ready to give up just yet! I emailed Ann & Lauren at 42 Dubonnet to see if they had any application tips, and they suggested I try using a pointed liner brush as they had experienced the same issue with an angled brush. Luckily I had a pointed liner brush on hand (the one that comes with the Tartiest clay paint liner from Tarte) and that did the trick! It still went on slightly patchy (which is probably due to the unique consistency of the liner), but it was much easier to go back and fix. Ann & Lauren told me this is an issue they’re addressing with their manufacturer, so they are aware of it and are taking steps to rectify it.

Now once I figured out how to apply this liner better… I like it, but it’s not my favorite. I use it when I have time to slow down and take my time doing my makeup (like on the weekends). But it is nice and black and dries matte, which I like. I also like that it’s waterproof (once it sets, it won’t budge until you take it off with makeup remover or a makeup wipe) and lasts all day without fading.

How about some swatches?

Left to Right: Lip gloss in Xanthia, lipstick in Sweet Vermouth, gel liner in black

Overall, I really like these products from 42 Dubonnet a lot. I love the lipstick and lip gloss so much they made my April favorites!

And if you’re interested in trying some products from 42 Dubonnet, I have a discount code for you guys! Just enter “AMY20” in the discount box at the checkout on their website for 20% off your order! This code does not expire either! Right now, shipping is only available in the US, but they plan to expand to international shipping in the future.

Ok so in the title of this post, I mentioned a giveaway. 42 Dubonnet was kind enough to provide me with their Illuminating Lip Gloss in the shade Grenadine to use in a giveaway! I’m going to host the giveaway on my Instagram (so if you’re not following me there now… do it!) as it’ll be easier for more to participate. Just keep an eye out for the giveaway post as it’s going to go up sometime this weekend! Also, this giveaway will be open ONLY to US and Canada residents this time around. Turns out rules/regulations regarding online giveaways get a bit tricky when they’re international and I don’t want to accidentally get in trouble. I’ll try to have a giveaway that’s open word-wide in the future. Thanks for understanding.

Illuminating Lip Gloss in Grenadine I’ll be giving away on my Instagram

And that should do it! Have you tried this brand or are they on your wishlist?

As always, thank you all so much for reading and your support! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you again soon in my next post!


FTC: Products were provided by 42 Dubonnet for review. All opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Review: 42 Dubonnet + Instagram Giveaway

  1. Haven’t heard of 42 Dubonnet until now but the packaging are gorgeous! I love little details like that.
    I always like glosses with brushes – I don’t have a preference between brushes vs sponges but I just feel brushes are fancier? The shade you have it so pretty with the shimmers.
    I used to only use angled liner brushes but I made the switch over to pointed ones and I think they give a better application overall. I especially like the bent pointed ones like yours. 🙂


    • Yeah they’re like brand new (they just launched 3 or 4 months ago). But so far I’m really impressed with them.

      Oh and thanks for the nomination. I did the Liebster Award maybe 3 years ago. But I’ll check it out.

      Liked by 1 person

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