My Experience at The Makeup Show Orlando

Hey guys! How’s it going?

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I got to attend The Makeup Show in Orlando this past weekend. It is the only pro-only makeup trade show in the United States (you have to be a professional in the beauty industry or be going to school for it). I’m not a professional makeup artist, but I was able to attend the show as press.


So what was it like experiencing a show like this? Keep on reading…

This was my first ever makeup related event, so I was super excited. I had to be at a press preview that started at 9:30am. I live around 90 minutes from Orlando (if traffic is good). I ended up running a little late leaving home because I forgot to gas up my car on my way home from work the night before (oops), so I had to take care of that before I could hit the road. Normally, early morning traffic is pretty light on a Saturday. But here in Florida the snowbirds are still down for at least a couple more weeks and we’re also in the middle of spring break season, so there were more cars on the road than usual. I actually made record time to Orlando (thankfully only saw 2 cops the entire drive…. I can have a bit of a lead foot sometimes), and I walked through the doors of the hotel (the show was held at the Hyatt Grand Regency on International Drive) at 9:35am.

Welcome to The Makeup Show Orlando 2017!

The scale of The Makeup Show is smaller than an event like IMATS, which is held at larger convention centers, so the meeting rooms at the Hyatt Grand Regency works just fine.

Show Floorplan

James Vincent, Director of Artistry for The Makeup Show and celebrity makeup artist, talking to the press.

At the press preview, Director of Artistry for The Makeup Show, and celebrity makeup artist, James Vincent, talked a bit about his life, how he decided to become a makeup artist, and some highlights in his career (he’s done makeup for artists on LaFace Records such as TLC, he did makeup on the show Sex and the City, worked with models… you name it). He also talked about some makeup trends for spring 2017:

  • Skin Is In
  • Make Me Blush – Blush is back!
  • Prominent Pout – All about the bold lip
  • Just Glow For It – Highlighter is not going anywhere any time soon
  • In Color – The use of bold color in eye makeup (kind of a modern take on the 80s)
  • Up In Smoke – Smokey eyes are still where it’s at
  • Glossing Over it – Shiny lids as well as lips
  • The Glitterati – Glitter, Glitter and more glitter!

James then talked about some of his favorite products and we got goodie bags filled with all the products James talked about. I’ll have a separate post to share all the stuff I got at the show (both from the goodie bag and what I bought).

After the press preview, we could check out the show at our leisure. I had a blast checking out all the vendor booths, talking to the brand reps and doing a little networking. The show floor was packed, but I’m used to dealing with big crowds thanks to my experience at theme parks. I know how to navigate through even the most dense crowds. I was introduced to brands I’d never heard of before as well as seeing booths from brands I’m very familiar with. Some booths were extremely crowded (Kat Von D, Make Up For Ever, NYX to name a few), but others I was able to approach more easily. And everything for sale was at pro-discount prices of 30% to 50% off retail!

The Kat Von D booth was very busy!

The NYX booth was super crowded too!

The Crown Brushes booth – I was in brush heaven!

Glamcor was showcasing their new Riki Skinny vanity mirror. You can adjust the brightness of the lights, plus the mirror is magnetic so you can stick a magnifying mirror that comes with it onto it. It also comes with a cell phone holder and you can connect your phone to the mirror via Bluetooth to get that perfect selfie. WHAT?! The mirror also has a rechargable battery and is lightweight so it’s perfect for travel.

I watched makeup demonstrations, which were fun and fascinating. I saw master makeup artists at work. For the fantasy/FX makeup, the models had to have such patience since they were being worked on for HOURS. These people have the utmost respect from me. They’re the true rock stars of the makeup world.

Body art at the Make Up For Ever booth

Nicholas Lujan for Make Up For Ever did a makeup application demo for medium skin tones.

Fantasy/Special FX makeup demo at the Vocational Academy of Makeup & Prostheics (VAMP) booth.

It was total sensory overload, but I loved every minute of it. I spent about 4 and a half hours at the show before I had enough. My shoulder was killing me from hauling both my purse and my goodie bag around. Plus I was starving (I had been up since 5am and by that time it was around 1:30pm and I hadn’t eaten anything yet – only had some water). So I bid The Makeup Show adieu and spent the rest of the afternoon at Disney Springs (because I can’t be in Orlando and NOT visit my happy place) to get some food and wander around for a bit before heading home.

The “spring” at Disney Springs

And that was my day! I had a great time and I’m already excited for next year’s event.

Now I do have a few tips for if you’re going to be attending an event like this:

  • Wear comfortable shoes! You’re going to be doing a lot more walking than you may anticipate.
  • Take your time – Don’t go commando on the show floor as you’ll burn yourself out fast.
  • Talk to the brand reps! They can help you pick out what products will suit your needs best and give recommendations.
  • Be friendly/polite! A smile can go a long way. Some people can lose all common sense at something like this. Patience is key. It’s a long day/weekend for everyone.
  • Have fun! Remember to enjoy yourself.

Have you attended a beauty event before? What was your experience? Tell me all about it below in the comments.

As always, thank you all so much for reading! I’ll see you again soon in my next post!


6 thoughts on “My Experience at The Makeup Show Orlando

  1. I love those trends! Especially “Make Me Blush” – yay blush!
    That Riki Skinny vanity mirror looks really interesting – curious to see it in person.
    The event sounded amazing – so glad you got to experience it! I’ve never attended a makeup show before – I’m on the fence about it since the ones here are SO crowded.
    Can’t wait to see your LOOT! 😉


  2. Feeling so jealous with the enviable makeup heaven booth and I wish I could be there and it looks like learning makeup to next level and I hope you have got more info of tips and tricks of makeup tutorials


  3. So glad that you were able to attend the event. Love beauty shows- hello discounted items! Sometimes they even have products that are yet to be released which is a cool perk. I remember a few years ago Urban Decay was at IMATS and they had samples of the soon to be released Naked Foundation which was neat. For trade shows, rolling bags are ideal so you aren’t lugging stuff around on your shoulders, though it can get in they way sometimes.


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