Updated Vanity Tour + Some Blog Changes

Hey guys! How’s it going!

Wait… it’s Tuesday and there’s a blog post from me? Am I feeling ok?

Well, as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been slagging off on keeping up with my original post schedule of Monday-Wednesday-Friday. So I decided I’m going to just post a couple times a week, but not have any set days for posts to go up. That way I can do it when I have the time and not feel pressured and/or rushed to get a post up. Hope that makes sense. But I will still have posts for you every week, do not to fret… I’m not going anywhere!

Now with that out of the way, today’s post is going to be an updated vanity tour!

Let’s get this party started!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (and if you’re not… why aren’t you? Follow me at @themakeupcase17), you’ll know I started getting the pieces for a new vanity at the beginning of the month. I had been using my old computer desk as a vanity, but it got to the point it got so cluttered I didn’t have room on it for anything else as the desk had no drawers. I had been eyeing the ALEX/LINNMON desk from IKEA (you know the one… it’s what nearly every beauty blogger/YouTuber uses) and realized it was actually perfect for my needs.

So back at the beginning of this month, my boyfriend and I went to IKEA. I got the drawers (which were on sale), tabletop and legs. Got home… realized I got the wrong size tabletop. It was almost 10″ too short! Whoops! Also, while at IKEA, I saw this add on unit that I could put my mirror on to elevate it, plus it came with a couple drawers for even more storage! But… it was out of stock. They finally got more in and we went back to IKEA again last weekend to exchange the tabletop and get the final pieces of the puzzle.

And here’s the finished project!


So let’s take a little tour, shall we? Let’s start with the drawer unit.


This thing has 5 drawers and has a LOT of room for storage.

Top drawer? Got my lipsticks, lip pencils and eye pencils. I got the purple baskets at Five Below ($2 for a pack of 3!).


2nd drawer? Blushes, bronzers, highlighters and setting powders. The drawer organizers again came from Five Below ($5 each).


3rd drawer? Palettes.


4th drawer? More palettes.


Bottom drawer? Even more palettes!


Ok onto the tabletop!

I ended up getting a new mirror as the Jerdon one I got about a year and a half ago just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I found the new mirror at TJ Maxx. They’re a great place to find stuff like that. One side is a normal mirror and the other side gives me 5x magnification (perfect for doing close up stuff like eyeliner).


The lamp is from IKEA. It’s the RANARP one. I like it’s adjustable. It has just a 60 watt LED light bulb in it, but it’s actually pretty bright and gives me more than enough light for doing my makeup. I also like that LED bulbs don’t get hot like traditional light bulbs and they last a lot longer too.


Still using some of my acrylic storage boxes I used with my old vanity. Not sure if I like them all stacked up like this so I might look into some alternative solution in the future. In these I got brow products, lipglosses, liquid lipsticks, eye primers, concealers, chubby lip crayons and single eyeshadows.


My foundations are on the desktop by the lamp. Easy to reach for.


I found this basket at Target. It reminded me a lot of a Sephora bag, so I thought it would be perfect to store my brushes in. Amazingly they all fit too (thought I need to do some decluttering because I have a lot of brushes I never use).


I keep my mascaras in the little glass container (it’s actually a candle holder I got at Dollar Tree – they still sell them, FYI). The orchid plant is fake. And it’s from, again, IKEA. I love orchids and thought it would be a pretty touch.


I keep my most-used/favorite lipsticks right on the desktop since I reach for these the most often.


And finally in this drawer on the add-on unit, I got my primers and a couple foundations that I don’t reach for often but grab every now and then. The other drawer is currently empty.


And that does it! I hope you enjoyed my little tour.

As always, thank you all so much for reading! I’ll see you guys again soon in my next post!


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