Review: Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation

Hey guys! How’s your week going?

Today I have a review for you on the new Wet N Wild Photo Focus foundation.


You ready? Ok let’s get started.

Just around the holidays, Wet N Wild came out with a whole new line of products. The Walgreens by me got everything in like right before New Year’s… like just a few days after Christmas. I was mostly interested in the Photo Focus foundation, so I grabbed that. It’s been getting some hype in the beauty world.

So what’s this foundation all about? It claims to be designed to look good under any kind of light and prevent backflash/white cast. They (Wet N Wild) say it’s been tested under 7 different lighting conditions and tested using top smartphone models both with and without flash. Sounds similar to the claims of the Smashbox Studio Skin foundation (which I gave my thoughts on here). It also comes in 20 shades, which is impressive for a drugstore foundation, especially such an affordable brand such as Wet N Wild.


For the record, I got the shade Buff Bisque, which is a “light-medium” with neutral undertone. The shade is a really good match for me (shade-wise, it’s almost identical to my holy grail Estee Lauder Double Wear in Dusk).

The packaging is nice. It comes in a sturdy glass bottle. It doesn’t come with a pump though. There’s a little spatula thing attached to the inside of the cap. Kind of reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation. So you can use that to dab the foundation all over your face before blending it out. The foundation has a kind of liquidy consistency, but it’s not super watery. I’ve applied this foundation with a brush and with a Beauty Blender, and I have to admit I like how it it apples better with a brush. You get a nice, solid, medium coverage when applying with a brush. It looks nice with a Beauty Blender, but it takes away some of the coverage. I’m normally a full coverage girl, but sometimes I’ll go with a medium coverage foundation and just use a little extra concealer where I need it.


The foundation doesn’t dry right away, so you have lots of time to blend it out to your liking. When it does dry, it’s more of a natural finish. If you just set it with a light dusting of powder, it still has a bit of a tacky feel to it. If you have dry or normal skin, you might like that. Since I have oily/combo skin, I hate that feeling. But that’s easily fixable by using a little more than just a dusting of powder to set. I’ve set this with my Coty and Dermablend loose powders and both work fine with it. If you have super oily skin, you might not like this foundation at all. But you never know… it could end up working for you. Never know unless you try, right?

So how does it wear? Surprisingly well. I’ve consistently gotten a good 8-10+ hours of wear each time I’ve worn it, which impressed me. It breaks down a little at the very tip of my nose and on my chin, but that’s nothing a quick touch-up can’t fix. For me that’s a non-issue.

Does it live up to its claim of looking good under any light? The ultimate test for me for that was at work. No matter WHAT foundation I wear, it always looks awful under the lighting in the bathroom there. This foundation under that hideous lighting wasn’t perfect but also wasn’t too terrible. So I guess that counts for something.

This foundation retails for $5.99 for 1 fl. oz., which makes it very affordable. I do like this foundation and will continue to use it. And I recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for something new that won’t break the bank.

Ok that should do it! Have you tried this foundation yet? Do you like it? Tell me your thoughts below in the comments.

As always, thank you all so much for reading and your support. You guys are the best! I’ll see you again soon in my next post!

11 thoughts on “Review: Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation

  1. I’ve been eyeing this foundation! I might have to give it a try and if all else fails I can mix a little in with one of the full coverage foundations I have if I ever want to thin them out haha.


  2. I tried a WnW foundation ages ago and it broke me out and smelled like paint…
    Not sure why but I like that little spatula thing. And 20 colours is outstanding for a drugstore foundation!
    Office lighting is the worst… ugh. I’m glad this looked fine under those lights!


  3. i cant wait to try this, i just ordered two shades from the WNW website. do you think it’s comparable to covergirls ready set gorgeous foundation? I read somewhere that they were comparable and that’s one of my favorites from the drugstore. this one seems more like a liquidy-serumy consistency but i dont might that at all infact some of my other favorites are serum foundations that give medium coverage


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