Review & Swatches: Lorac Grand Gala Holiday Set

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Do anything fun? My boyfriend and I saw Doctor Strange finally (we tried last weekend but the shows we tried to make it to were sold out). Really good movie. The visual effects were amazing.

For today’s post, I have a quick review and some swatches of the Lorac Grand Gala holiday set.


So grab that peppermint mocha (or whatever your favorite holiday beverage is) and let’s get going!

I happened across this set at Kohl’s last week. It contains a full size Light Source highlighter and a full size Color Source blush. It retails for $28 and appear to be a Kohl’s exclusive (both in-store and on Kohl’s website). This is a great value as both the highlighters and blushes retail for $22 each.

They also had a set called Evening Soiree that contains the Light Source highlighter in Moonlight (pink pearl) and Color Source blush in Chroma (satin berry).

The set I purchased, Grand Gala, contains the Light Source highlighter in Spotlight (rose gold – limited edition shade) and Color Source blush in Aura (rose).


Left: Spotlight; Right: Aura

The packaging for the holiday sets is GORGEOUS. If you’re a fan of rose gold like I am, you’ll love it, Rose gold everywhere! I could just stare at these in the compacts all day – they’re that pretty.

Let’s talk about the actual products, shall we?

The formula for the blush and highlighter are phenomenal. They’re both very soft, smooth and pigmented. The blush can have a little fallout, but the highlighter not so much.


Left: Spotlight; Right: Aura

Both shades in this set are so pretty. SO. PRETTY. I have been crazy obsessed with the Spotlight highlighter and have used it almost every day since I got it. You can apply it with a light hand for a more subtle look or build it up for a gorgeous glow.

The blush in Aura is a gorgeous, perfect rose shade that’s great for any time. It doesn’t say on the compact if it has a matte finish, but I think it has just a slight sheen that gives off a nice, natural glow. It’s SUPER pigmented so you need just the smallest amount, or else you can go overboard really quick. But if you do go overboard, it blends out really nicely.

And now for the swatches!


Left: Spotlight; Right: Aura

I definitely recommend this set or even the Evening Soiree set, so if you happen across either at Kohl’s, grab them! You won’t regret it.

Ok that should do it for today! Do you think you might try to get this holiday set? Do you have it already? If so what do you think of it? Tell me your thoughts below in the comments.

As always, thank you all so much for reading! See you again soon in my next post! đŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Review & Swatches: Lorac Grand Gala Holiday Set

  1. I love those colors! These are gorgeous! I wish Lorac was easier to find other than in Ulta. They always have amazing formulas! I would love to try any of their face products


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