My Top Picks: NYX Cosmetics

Hey guys. How’s it going? 

Apologies for any mistakes in this post as I’m writing it on my phone. My internet is currently out and the cable company can’t come out until tomorrow (this morning by the time this post goes live), so I have to compromise. 

Anyhow, today’s post is going to be my top picks from NYX Cosmetics. You ready? Ok let’s get going!

NYX is one of my favorite drugstore brands. They make such great products and come out with new stuff all the time. I’ve tried a lot of their different products and these are my personal standouts:

Pore Filler

If you have large pores and/or uneven skin texture, using a pore filling/minimizing primer is a must. The ones from Benefit & Smashbox are good, but the NYX Pore Filler is just as good and these days, I like it better than the higher end ones. It has a good consistency and does a great gob filling in pores to even out skin’s texture for smoother makeup application. The trick with pore fillers is to tap/press them into the skin. If you try to rub them in, they’ll just ball up on you. 

HD Blushes

NYX reformulated their powder blushes a couple years ago. These new HD blushes are soft and have amazing pigmentation. The shade Taupe is actually great for contouring on most skin tones. My only complaint is they are super fragile. If you drop one, it will SHATTER. 

Slim Lip Pencils

I’ve mentioned these several times in previous posts. These are some of the best drugstore brand lip pencils out there. They’re creamy, pigmented, have good staying power and come in a ton of colors! My 3 faves are Mauve, Ever & Peekaboo Neutral. 

Prismatic Shadows

These single shadows are really amazing. Gorgeous colors and really good pigmentation. My fave is probably Mermaid. You can wear it alone for something softer, or amp it up by applying it over a black base. 

Dark Circle Concealer

This is a miracle worker in a jar. It’s so god even my musician boyfriend has a jar of his own that he uses regularly. It does a really good job canceling out the blue of dark circles and brightening the area where you apply it. I like it comes in 3 different shades so most skin tones can find one that will work for them. 

Butter Glosses

These are my favorite drugstore lipglosses, hands down. They’re not sticky, have good enough pigmentation that you can wear them alone or overs lip pencil or lipstick, have lots of shad options (even black)… and they smell amazing!

Soft Matte Lip Cremes

These have been around since before the matte liquid lipstick craze started. They come in lots of colors, smell like cake, have really nice pigmentation and don’t feel drying on the lips. Staying power is pretty decent as well. 

And there you have it! What are some of your favorite products from NYX? Tell me about them below in the comments. 

As always, thank you all so much for reading and your support. I’ll see you guys again on Friday with a new post!


13 thoughts on “My Top Picks: NYX Cosmetics

  1. I just bought a bunch of those shadows and I freaking love them, however when the girl put them in the bag THEY ALL SMASHED but one… now I have to repress them all. I didn’t notice until I got home


  2. I was eyeing those HD blushes and Prismatic shadows… I guess I need to just give them a go! I see you didn’t like the HD concealer in this post – you don’t love them?
    Thanks for this list – very helpful. I’ve found the NYX store to be quite overwhelming.


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