(Revisit) Bare Minerals: The Pros and Cons

Hey guys! Happy weekend!

I got a bit distracted yesterday with the news of Prince’s death. This one hit me like a ton of bricks like David Bowie. I remember watching Prince videos on Mtv, borrowing the Purple Rain soundtrack album from the local library in 1984 and blaring it every day until I had to return it (then got my own copy… which I’ve sadly misplaced). He was a hell of a musician who could play so many instruments and just a musical genius in general. Even his bad songs were good. You know he probably dreamed in music notes. He was another icon who made it ok to be a weirdo and be proud of it. He gave zero fucks of what anyone thought of him. You will be missed, O Purple One.


Anyhow, as the result of yesterday’s bombshell news, I didn’t have a chance to write a new blog post, so we’re going to revisit the first  post I ever did here back in May of 2014.

So grab yourself a snack, hop in the Wayback Machine and click the link below…

Bare Minerals: The Pros and Cons


I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you again on Monday with a new post… pinky promise! 🙂


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