Spray Primer Battle: MAC vs Smashbox vs NYX

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Got anything fun planned this weekend?

For today’s post I’ll be reviewing not one, not two, but three different primer sprays. Is one better than the others? Are they all good? Are they all duds? To find out, keep reading…


First up we have the MAC Fix+ spray. Here’s some product info (via the MAC website):

A lightweight mist of water packed with vitamins and minerals. Infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile, and cucumber to gently soothe and refresh the skin. Gives an instant boost of hydration while delivering a soft sheen to refresh and finish makeup.


Our next contender is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. Some product info (via the Smashbox site):

Think priming benefits, hydration and sheer radiance—all in just 1 spritz! Primer water is free of silicone, alcohol and oil, but it’s packed with revitalizing electrolytes to wake up skin and restore moisture—like a supercharged energy drink for your skin. Passed through positive energy fields during the production process, our enriched water instantly absorbs into skin for lasting hydration (and when skin is hydrated, makeup looks better).

Smashbox Primer Water

And lastly we have the NYX First Base Primer Spray. This is a new product NYX launched this year. Some product info (via the NYX site):

Prep your face for impeccable makeup application with NYX Cosmetics’ skin-smoothing First Base Primer Spray. This nourishing mist is packed with skin-loving ingredients like B5 and cornflower extract that helps to keep the skin looking and feeling soft, supple, and refreshed while it locks in makeup.


You can use these primer sprays in various ways:

  • Spray all over your face as a primer before foundation
  • Spray some on your damp Beauty Blender/sponge or foundation brush to help blend foundation more evenly for a more flawless finish
  • Spray some on a flat shadow brush to foil shimmery shadows on your eyelids
  • Spray all over your face after makeup to take away any extra powdery look
  • Use as a makeup/skin refresher throughout the day

So I’ve tried all three of these primer sprays. How do they compare?

To be completely honest? They’re almost all identical and perform very similar. They all spray in a fine mist, which covers the entire face with just 2 or 3 spritzes. The only real difference I can see is how each smells. The MAC Fix+ has a light floral/cucumber scent. The Smashbox has more of a light rose scent. The NYX one has a scent as well, but I really can’t place what it smells like. It’s not floral or powdery smelling – I just can’t put my finger on it.

Of course the other difference between these products are their price points. The MAC Fix+ is $22 for 3.4 fl. oz. The Smashbox is $32 for 3.9 fl. oz. And the NYX is $7.99 for 2.02 fl. oz.

Do I have a preference for any of these? I do actually. I will admit the MAC Fix+ is the one I grab for the most and recently purchased my 3rd bottle of it (to be fair, I purchased a travel size of the Smashbox to try out and I’ve used that one up already). It really comes down to personal preference when it comes to products that work similarly. I do recommend checking all three of these products out though and decide for yourself which one you like best.

Ok that should do it for today! Have you tried any of these primer sprays? Is there one you like more? Tell me your thoughts below in the comments.

As always, thank you all so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you again Monday with a new post! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Spray Primer Battle: MAC vs Smashbox vs NYX

  1. What good timing you did this review! I prefer the MAC Fix + too. I’ve not tried the NYX one though. Odd that your Smashbox one smells like rose! Mine smells off… I really do wonder if mine has turned?


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