Haulin’! And some mini reviews…

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Got anything fun planned for the weekend? Anyone planning on watching Super Bowl 50 on Sunday? How about the Puppy Bowl? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

So today’s post is going to be a haul. This is a collective haul of things I’ve picked up over the last 2 or 3 weeks between Sephora, Ulta, Kohl’s & the drugstore, as well as mini reviews of the products I’ve tried so far.


You ready? Let’s get going!

Only got one thing at Sephora – the Bite Beauty Opal Creme Lipgloss. I had been after this for awhile, but every time I went to the Sephora by me, it was out of stock. So then I went to the bigger Sephora about 20 miles away… they didn’t have it in stock either! Finally the one by me got it back in stock. This gloss can be worn over any lipstick or lip pencil or on its own to give off an opalescent shine. It’s really pretty! The gloss is a little sticky, but sometimes you need a little bit of sticky for it to have decent staying power on the lips. I love the shine this gloss gives. Part of me wants to try their Opal Lipstick next and see how it compares.


(Oh and if you haven’t heard, Bite Beauty announced this week they’re discontinuing their Luminous Creme Lipstick line starting February 12 and replacing it with some new line – GAH! This makes me sad as I only discovered the Luminous Creme lipsticks recently and absolutely love the formula. Looks like I’ll need to grab an extra tube or 2 of Pepper as soon as they go on clearance at Sephora).

And onto the drugstore stuff!

I got a couple more bottles of the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray (you can read my initial review of it here if you missed it). I really love this stuff. It does a great job locking my makeup in place. Just a couple sprays to the face does the job.


Speaking of Wet N Wild, I got my hands on a couple of the new makeup brushes they recently came out with. I got the concealer brush (which I use as a flat shadow brush) and the crease brush. They’re so pretty with the pink and white bristles. The handle of each brush has a little divot to make holding the brush a little easier. The bristles are soft and do a good job picking up and applying product. And you can’t beat the price – the brushes in this line range from 99¢ to I think $2.99.


Another makeup brush I picked up is the Elf Contour Brush. Elf came out with this brush last year, but up until now, you could only get it on their website. I was excited to see this at CVS (heard you can get it at Target as well – it retails for $6) as I’d had my eye on it since I saw various YouTubers talking about it last year. I’ve used it a few times and it does a really good job applying and blending bronzer/contour.


I got a new Elf Lip Exfoliator. My original one has lasted a little over a year and at this point has pretty much had it and ready to be replaced since it’s almost used up. If you want to read the review I did on this awhile back, you can read it here. I love this. It does a great job removing any dead, dry, flaky skin off my lips and making them nice and soft.


Something new I picked up is the CVS brand Makeup Perfecting Face Primer. I read this was pretty much a dupe for the L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base (a product I looooove). This was a few dollars cheaper than the L’Oreal and you get a little more product as well. It’s not an exact dupe, but it’s pretty close. I use this as a pore filler on & around my nose area and it does a good job.


I finally caved and picked up the Jordana Best Last Extreme mascara. I’ve heard so many rave reviews about this, I had to see what the big deal was. Ok… I get it now. This mascara is pretty awesome. It really makes my lashes stand out after just one coat. It also doesn’t make my lashes feel stiff/crunchy and removes relatively easy with minimal mess. This is a little $3 tube of magic!


Rimmel recently came out with a new line of lipsticks called The Only One Lipstick. They promise to be comfortable and moisturizing as well as long wearing. I picked up 2 shades, It’s A Keeper and Naughty Nude. Both are really pretty pink shades that are perfect for any time. They have good pigmentation and so far have been living up to their product claims.


I’ve been on a nail polish kick lately and picked up some really nice ones recently. At Ulta I managed to score the Essie polish in Garden Variety (from their spring 2015 collection) on clearance for a whopping $2! I haven’t worn it yet, but I’ve had my eye on this shade for almost a year now, so I’m extremely happy I got it for such a bargain. I also got one of the limited edition Wet N Wild polishes in Los Feliz Navidad (from last year’s holiday collection). I haven’t worn this one yet either but I love how sparkly it looks in the bottle.


And at Kohl’s I picked up 3 of the Orly Color Blast polishes on clearance for $2.80 each. I got Black Pearl (Luxe Shimmer), Violet-Blue (Luxe Shimmer), and Onyx (3D Glitter). I’m wearing the Violet-Blue one right now and holy crap… this polish is GORGEOUS. The best way to describe it is a blue base with violet shimmer. It’s just so pretty! Photos don’t really do it  justice, but here’s one anyway.


And finally we have what I got at Ulta!

I got a new bottle of the Too Faced Born This Way foundation. I liked this foundation more than I expected to (you can read my initial first impressions of it here if you missed it). It doesn’t top my Estee Lauder Double Wear, but I do love the coverage and finish of this foundation. If you have oily skin and want to try this foundation, wearing a mattifying primer underneath is a must.


My Essence Gel Liner has just about had it, so I got a fresh jar ready to crack open once I’ve used the rest of my original one up. I really love this gel liner. It’s not too stiff or soft, has good pigmentation, and once it sets, it doesn’t budge until you take it off.


And finally we have a couple products from NYX. First is an old favorite, the Matte Finishing Spray. As much as I love the new Wet N Wild setting spray, I still love the NYX one as well. So I’ll use these interchangeably. I saw NYX has also recently come out with a primer spray. It’s called the First Base primer spray. I’m super excited to test it out and see how it compares to high end primer sprays like the ones from Smashbox & MAC.


Oh I have one more bonus item!

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to the Museum of Fine Art. As we were browsing the gift shop afterward, I spotted the book Face Paint: The Story of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge. I mentioned to my boyfriend I’d had my eye on the book since it came out last fall… and he offered to get it for me! How sweet is that? I just started reading it and it’s really fascinating to learn about how makeup has evolved over the years. Learning how makeup has been in use in some form or another for thousands and thousands of years is mind blowing.


Ok that does it for everything! Have you tried any of these products or are any on your wishlist? Sound off below in the comments.

As always, thank you all so much for reading. I hope you have a fantabulous weekend and I’ll see you again Monday with a new post! 🙂

One thought on “Haulin’! And some mini reviews…

  1. WHAT! Bite is discontinuing Luminous Creme Lipsticks?!! WHY! UGH. Those a-holes. Hmm I bet it’s something really similar… just renamed.
    I’ve been seeing those elf brushes on so many blogs / IGs. I want to touch them!
    Oh man, I’ve wanted that Jordana Best Last Extreme forever but it’s not available here. If I order online, it ends up being like $10, which sucks.
    The Essence gel liner is honestly just as good as MAC’s gel liner – SO inexpensive too!
    Wowee, such awesome deals on those nail polishes!
    And super sweet your bf got you that book – I have it on my list to buy too.

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