Best Foundations For Oily/Combination Skin

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Hey guys! Happy Friday!

Before we get started today, I just wanted to say I’ve been bumming hard all week over the passing of David Bowie, who has been a HUGE influence on my life since I was around 10. He was such a pioneer in the purest sense of the word. He did what he wanted and didn’t give a damn what anyone else thought. He made it ok to be a weirdo and the odd man out. He was an innovator in music, fashion… even makeup! Before him, guys didn’t wear makeup at all for the most part. Then out struts David’s alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, in a full face of makeup, contoured to the hilt and totally over the top. After that guys wearing makeup started going more mainstream as the years went on. He was the Starman, he came down to meet us and totally blew our minds. And he’ll be sorely missed.

Bowie Collage

Ok, so today’s post is going to be my picks for the best foundations if you have oily/combination skin. So grab yourself a beverage and a tasty treat and let’s get going!

Now if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll now I have oily/combo skin. My t-zone can be a total oil slick, while the rest of my face is generally normal. So I’m always looking for full coverage foundations that have a matte finish and helps control oil. These are all foundations I’ve had personal experience with, not just what I’ve read about them.

Let’s start with high end foundations. I actually have several to talk about.

First up is my holy grail, the Estee Lauder Double Wear ($37 for 1 fl. oz.). I only started using this last spring and I can’t believe I went as long as I did without even trying this stuff out. It’s full coverage, dries to a semi-matte finish, controls oil and promises 15 hour wear time. This stuff is the schnizzit. It has lasted on me for 15+ hours in heat/humidity and even through rainstorms. So the higher pricetag for me is worth every penny as it has exceeded my expectations.


Next is an old favorite I recently rediscovered, the MAC Pro Longwear ($33 for 1 fl. oz.). Before Double Wear, this was my holy grail foundation the second half of 2014 (when I started wearing liquid foundation again). Unfortunately the 2 shades I had (NW25 & NW22) became to dark for me as my tan over the summer faded, so I stopped wearing it. But I recently got color matched again (NC25 this time around), got a new sample to make sure the shade was right for me and I remembered why I loved this one so much. It has medium buildable coverage, dries to a matte finish, helps control oil and promises 15 hours of wear time. For me it lives up to all those claims.

Seriously... I love this!

Up next is another MAC foundation, the Studio Fix Fluid ($27 for 1 fl. oz.). I was reading up on this one and discovered it’s similar to the Pro Longwear, but it has full coverage whereas the former has medium buildable coverage. I got a sample to try out and I was surprised at how much I liked it. This stuff controls oil really well. I normally have to blot my nose and chin after just a few hours no matter what foundation I’m wearing. With the Studio Fix Fluid, I did’t have to blot until nearly 6 hours of wear, which was super impressive to me. I also got around 10-12 hours of wear each time I wore this foundation. This foundation also has SPF 15 in it.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

And next is the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hr Full Coverage foundation ($39 for 1.7 fl. oz.). This foundation promises full coverage, 12 hours of wear time and has SPF 15. It dries to a  satin/natural finish. This foundation has a thicker consistency compared to the first three I’ve mentioned, but it blends out pretty well. For me, it felt a little to heavy (though it claims to be weightless) but it has good wear time. It’s not my personal favorite, but I know some who wear by this foundation.

Tarte Amazonian Clay

Next is the Kat Von D Lock It foundation ($35 for 1 fl. oz.). This is a high pigment, full coverage foundation that promises 24 hour wear time that is transfer-resistant. This stuff is super heavy duty for sure. I love how full coverage it is, but it’s almost too much for my personal taste. It felt lightweight, but you could tell I wear wearing something on my face. I do want to try this one out again sometime and see if my opinion has changed. But again, I know some who sear by this foundation. It does last a long time and it lives up to its transfer resistant claim, which is impressive.

KVD Lock It

Up next is the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ Mattifying foundation ($39 for 1.01 fl. oz.). I rediscovered this foundation last year and it reminded me why I liked it. It has full coverage, mattifies/controls oil and is even water resistant. A little goes a long way and doesn’t look cakey.

Mat Velvet+

And next, despite its name, the Nars All Day Weightless Luminous Foundation ($48 for 1 fl. oz.) actually dries to a semi-matte finish. It’s a full coverage foundation that is super lightweight and promises 16 hour wear. I like how a little goes a long way (though their claim you can do your whole face with a single drop is highly exaggerated). It doesn’t have any oil control claims, but I didn’t experience any major issues with oil while wearing this foundation.

Nars All Day

Now if liquid foundations aren’t your thing, there’s the original Bare Minerals loose powder foundation ($28.50 for 0.2 oz.). This stuff was the only foundation I used for about 10 years straight, so that’s saying something right there. There’s the original formula, which gives a more natural finish and the matte formula, which has more oil control properties and has more matte finish. Both of these foundations are wonderful. They look amazing on the skin, don’t look cakey, are long wearing and water resistant.


And now onto the drugstore foundations!

First up is my holy grail drugstore foundation, the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hr foundation ($6.99 – $7.99 for 1 fl. oz. depending on where purchased). I love this foundation so much. It has a satin finish (which you can make more matte with setting powder), looks natural on the skin, has an SPF of 20 and promises 25 hour wear (I can easily get 12+ hours wear out of this foundation).


Next is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless foundation ($5.99 – $7.29 for 1 fl. oz depending on where purchased). This stuff wowed me last year, but then the shade I originally got became too dark for me. But I finally purchased a new bottle in a shade that better matches me now and I remembered why I loved it. It does a great job blurring pores (especially when you use the matching powder to set it) and has a nice matte but not flat finish. It’s formulated for normal to oily skin,


And finally we have the Revlon ColorStay foundation for oily/combo skin ($9.99 – $12.99 for 1 fl. oz. depending on where purchased). This foundation is full coverage, promises 24 hour wear and is formulated for oily/combo skin. It has a more natural/satin finish and has really good coverage without looking cakey despite it’s thick consistency.


And there you have it! Leave me a comment below to let me know what your favorite foundations are if you have oily/combo skin.

As always, thank you all so much for reading. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you again Monday with a new post! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Best Foundations For Oily/Combination Skin

  1. I’ve tried all of these except for the bareminerals one. I agree with you on all of them! .. I think the heaviest feeling one was the kat von d one. It has to be the thickest heaviest foundation I’ve ever tried. For that matter it went back. Also the Tarte one is quite thick but it does blend out beautifuly and lasts greatly. Have you tried the Lancome teint idole ultra 24hour foundation??? It’s my hg and it’s amazing on my combo oily skin:)


  2. I just tried the Tarte 12 hour full coverage foundation while I was on vacation & I love it! It works great for oily skin like you say & gives a great finish. It is heavier like you said though. Lancome Teint Idol Ultra 24Hr wins on my oily skin though, because it doesn’t break down even in the heat! I wore that on the 11+ hrs of flying & then continued to wear it sight seeing & that stuff lasted! Of course, I needed to use blotting sheets in the heat though. Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Have you tried Cover Girl Outlast foundation? I really like it when my skin is more oily. Currently my skin is more dry so I like something more hydrating so my beloved Shiseido Sheer and Perfect is great!


  4. What shade do you wear in all of these foundations? You and I are very similar in color and I would like to try some of these out. Being that I live in a very small town I usually have to order online and the shades never look the same. I am new to your blog but I am now obsessed!! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Here’s a breakdown of the ones I can remember:
      Double Wear: Dusk
      Rimmel: 201 Classic Beige
      Maybelline Fit Me: 125 Nude Beige
      MAC: NC25
      Revlon ColorStay: 240 Medium Beige
      Nars: Santa Fe
      Bare Minerals: Medium/Medium Beige (I flip flop between these 2 shades)

      You can look up my reviews of the others to see what shade I was matched with in each one.


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