Morphe 35W Palette – Review & Swatches

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Got anything fun planned this weekend? I’m going to Busch Gardens tomorrow with a friend (she’s running in the 5K race they’re doing in the morning and all runners get free park admission after the race), which should be a lot of fun as she’s my theme park “partner in crime”. Hopefully the weather will cooperate as the forecast looks kind of iffy right now.

Anyhow, today’s post is going to be a review and swatches of the Morphe 35W eye shadow palette. It seems like almost everyone and their brother’s uncle are talking about the Morphe palettes lately. Are they really worth the hype they’ve been getting? Read on to find out!


Ok so after a lot of hemming and hawing, I decided to get a palette from Morphe. I wanted the 35O palette but that sucker sells out as soon as it’s back in stock online! So I looked at the palettes that were in stock and went with the 35W palette as I love warm tones and the colors in this palette looked perfect for fall and winter.


This palette comes packaged in a simple, plastic palette. It’s not super sturdy but not super flimsy feeling either. There’s no mirror on the inside, which I know some see as a con, but it doesn’t bother me. Inside of course are 35 eye shadows. The size is about the size of your standard single eye shadow (about the size of a quarter). As I mentioned before, all of the shadows in this palette are warm toned and all of the colors are so pretty. We got oranges, browns, peach, pink, plums/purples… you name it. There’s also a good variety of finishes (matte, satin, shimmer, glitter).


The texture of these shadows is surprising. Pretty much every single shade feels nice and soft. A few feel a little gritty and dry. But when it comes to pigmentation…. WOW. I was honestly surprised as usually palettes like this are mainly hit and miss. Every single shadow has good pigmentation. Some of the lighter shades need a little building up, but that’s usually the norm for lighter shades anyway.


So how do these shadows apply? Really nicely. And they blend out great too. They stay on all day long (if you wear a primer or base underneath at least, which I always do as I like all my shadows to achieve their full potential).

So how about some swatches? These were all done with no primer or base underneath.

Row 1

Row 1


Row 2

Row 2


Row 3

Row 3


Row 4

Row 4


Row 5

Row 5

So as you can tell, I think this palette is totally worth the hype and I can’t wait to try more of the palettes Morphe offers. Definitely check them out if you haven’t!

The Morphe 35W palette is currently on sale for $19.99 (which is a great deal for 35 shadows – it comes out to less than 60¢ per shadow – Morphe single shadows are normally $2 each), plus several YouTubers have discount codes for an extra I think 10% off, so check to see if any of your favorite vloggers have a code.

Ok that should do it for today! Do you own any of the Morphe palettes? If so which ones? If not, do you think you might pick one (or more) up? Sound off below in the comments.

As always, thank you all so much for reading and your support. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you again Monday with a new post! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Morphe 35W Palette – Review & Swatches

  1. The quality looks great, and consistent across all the shades – that’s rare even with higher end palettes where sometimes there’s a dud in the bunch. I don’t own any Morphe palettes but they do look like a fantastic deal.


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