Sassy + Chic Blending Sponge – Beauty Blender Dupe?

Hey there beauties! How was your weekend? Well… it’s Monday again.

Today’s post is going to be on the Sassy + Chic Blending Sponge, which you can find at select Dollar Tree stores right now. Is this a possible dupe for the popular (and expensive) Beauty Blender? keep reading and find out!


So I happened across this sponge at Dollar Tree last a little over a week ago and figured for $1 I’d get one to try out. I actually don’t have a Beauty Blender (yet) but I do have the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, which many have said is as close to a dupe for the Beauty Blender as they come. I like my Real Techniques sponge. I mainly use it to blend out concealer, but I do like using it with thicker foundations, like my Revlon Colorstay.

The first thing I noticed when I took the Sassy + Chic sponge out of the packaging is it smells like rubber. Even after washing it a few times it still smells like rubber, though I have noticed the smell has faded a little. It’s not real overpowering, but it’s also not the most pleasant smell in the world. You can use this sponge dry or damp. However, when you do get it wet, it does NOT get bigger like the Beauty Blender or the real Techniques sponge do, so that was a surprise.

Real Techniques sponge on the left. Both are dry here.

Real Techniques sponge on the left. Both are dry here.

And wet. You can see the Real Techniques sponge definitely got bigger.

And damp. You can see the Real Techniques sponge definitely got bigger.

So how does it apply foundation? First thing I noticed is it doesn’t soak up a lot of excess product, which I liked. A lot of times, beauty sponges absorb too much product, which then overall goes to waste. Using this sponge gives you basically full coverage, but when tapping it against your face, if feels kind of hard, but not totally uncomfortable. The finish this sponge gives isn’t too bad, but it’s also not totally flawless. You spend a bit of time making sure it’s blended in well, which I don’t have to do as much with the Real Techniques sponge (by the way, I like to mainly use my RT sponge dry opposed to damp because I’m a full coverage girl, but with a thicker foundation like the Revlon Colorstay, I’ll use it damp to get a more natural finish).

And how does it wash up? Surprisingly well. You’re supposed to wash your sponges after every 1-3 uses, which I do, but on my Real Techniques sponge, there’s some extra foundation… stains… that refuse to come out no matter how many times I wash it. When I wash the Sassy + Chic sponge, I’d say around 97% of the foundation comes off. This feels like a very durable sponge actually.

So after reading this, you’ll probably notice this is NOT a dupe for the Beauty Blender… or the Real Techniques sponge. But for $1, it’s not too terrible really and is nice to have on hand in a pinch. So if you see this at your local Dollar Tree, give it a try. For just $1 you really can’t lose.

Ok that should do it for today! Have you come across this sponge? Have you tried it? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments.

As always, thank you all so much for reading! I hope the rest of your day is good to you and I’ll see you again Wednesday with a new post! 🙂


17 thoughts on “Sassy + Chic Blending Sponge – Beauty Blender Dupe?

  1. It’s funny, I literally just logged into WordPress after getting home from Dollar Tree! I saw the sponge and almost got it but thought for a buck it probably would be crappy. Lol. Maybe I will try it for myself. Who knows. 🙂


  2. I just bought a few of them. And I went to wet a blue one for the first time and this strange yellowish brown color started appearing all over it????


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