The “What’s In My Purse?” Tag

Hey there you gorgeous thing you! Did you have a good weekend?

Today I’m going to do the “What’s In My Purse?” tag. I’ve seen this tag floating around YouTube and some other blogs, so I figured I’d be a lemming and do it too! LOL!

So first let’s start with my purse. It’s a plain black Coach bag. I love Coach bags and own several. This one was originally one of my mom’s (she was the one who got me hooked on Coach). She didn’t want it anymore, so she asked if I wanted it. Ummm… yeah! It’s a Gallery large leather tote bag style (I actually looked it up because I had no idea what the style name was called) from 2011. It has a small pocket on either side and a large pocket in the back. The interior is light blue satiny-type fabric.


And what exactly is in my purse? All this:


Let’s break it down!

Sunglasses: These aren’t anything special. I got them at Target 2 or 3 years ago for maybe $12. I like them because they look like Ray Ban Wayfarers.

Mirror Compact: Always need a mirror!

Purse Hanger: I got this recently at Dollar Tree. It’s a little hook thing where you can hang it from a table so it’s out of the way and doesn’t touch the potentially gross ground/floor.

Anker Lipstick Charger: I use this to charge my phone. I love how small it is. It’ll work with any device that uses a USB cable input, so I can also use it with my tablet. I got it on Amazon for around $19.99 last year, but now I see it’s gone down in price to $12.99 for the black one (the other colors are still $19.99).

Pack of Gum: I always keep a pack of gum in my purse as I like to chew a piece after a meal. Currently I got some Orbit gum in Sweet Mint (because the grocery store didn’t have my usual Cinnamint for some reason).

Coupons: Yep… I’m a couponer. I’m not a crazy, insane coupon clipper, but I always like to keep my coupons with me just in case , you know?

Wallet: This is a Coach wallet. I aso have the matching bag, but obviously not using it right now. It’s a cute wallet (I love the patchwork design).

Small Notebook & Pen: I always keep a little notebook and pen in my purse in case I need to write anything down. The pen also doubles as a stylus for my iPhone/tablet (I got both the notebook and the pen at Dollar Tree).

Umbrella: I live in Florida. It can ran without any notice. And in the summer it’ll rain almost every day at some point. So I keep an umbrella with me at all times. “Sunshine State” my butt!

Small Thirty One Pouch: I got this from a friend of mine for either my birthday or Christmas one year. It’s the perfect size for a a makeup bag for my purse! What inside? This:


Yeah it holds a lot! Let’see what we got here:

Small Hair Clips, Extra Hair Elastics & Bobby Pins: Never know when you might need them!

NYX Round Case Lipstick in Minimalism: I also had B52, but I haven’t replaced it yet. I always keep a spare lipstick for just in case.

Neutrogena Lotion: Gotta keep those dry hands and elbows at bay!

Kiss 5 Second Nail Glue: For in case one of my fake nails accidentally pops off while out (one of my worst beauty-related nightmares), so i can quickly glue it back on.

Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Sheets: This are a must for me! My T-zone can be such an oil slick. Yuck.

Hairspray: Again… just in case!

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm: This is a mini size (I got it as part of a birthday freebie from Sephora one year). Always good to keep lip balm on hand.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Liner: This is just emergency eyeliner for just in case I need a touch-up.

Giovanni Hair Towette: I did a review on these things awhile back (which you can read here). Ulta had the 3 pack boxes on clearance awhile back and I pretty much bought every one of them so I’ll have these to keep in my purse for awhile.

Bare Minerals Pressed Mineral Veil (and brush): This is the translucent one, which I love to keep on hand for a powder touch-up if necessary when out and about. It helps keep me matte by absorbing excess oil.

Extra Foundation: I have some of those little sample jars from MAC and once they were empty, I washed them out to put a little foundation in to keep in my purse for touch-ups. I usually don’t need them, but sometimes my nose and chin get so oily that my foundation breaks down and totally disappears from those areas (even with blotting and re-powdering).

Hair Pick: I like using this on the go over a brush as it doesn’t pull my hairstyle out as quickly as a brush does since it acts more like a wide-tooth comb.

And that’s what is in my purse! I hope you enjoyed this post. I thought it would be something fun and different from my usual beauty reviews and stuff and give you a little look into who I am. I’m actually thinking of doing a Q&A post in the future if enough of you want me to do one (and I get enough questions for one). So if you have a question you’d like me to answer (it can be about makeup, skincare, hair, fashion… books, movies, music… anything!), leave a comment below, or you can post them on my Facebook page, or on my Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #AmyQA (I’ll set up a filter so I can see them easy). Once I have enough questions, I’ll do the post!

Ok that should do it for today! As always, thank you all so much for reading! Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you again Wednesday with a new post! 🙂


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