Empties – Products I’ve Used & Abused: Spring 2015

Happy Friday, beauties!

Before I get started, just wanted to remind you today is the last day to vote for what you’d like to see a full review and swatches of first from my recent haul from ColourPop, which I gave a sneak peek of last week. Click here to go to that post and cast your vote! The winner will be featured in Monday’s post!

I also wanted to let you know that I created a Facebook page for my blog so you can connect with me there as well! Visit www.facebook.com/themakeupcase17 and click “Like”!

For today’s post, I got some product empties I’ve been holding onto until I had enough to write a post about them. So what did I think of all these items and did I repurchase any of them? Let’s find out!


First up are a couple packs of the Epielle makeup wipes. I love these. You can get a pack of 30 for just $1 at Big Lots. Epielle is a Korean beauty brand, and as we know, Korean beauty products are some of the most amazing things out there. These makeup wipes come in several varieties and I’ve tried most of them. My favorite ones used to be the Collagen and Vitamin E ones, but lately I’ve really been liking the Vitamin C ones. I love the light citrus smell they have (I love citrus smells in general).


Will I repurchase? You bet. I buy a pack or two of these every month.

Next up is the Batiste dry shampoo. This is just a small can as I wanted to try it out and compare it to other dry shampoos I’ve used before buying a full size. I ended up liking it a lot! I can see why so many other beauty bloggers and YouTubers rave about this one.


Will I repurchase? I will, but not right now. I still have a 2 cans of the Pssst! dry shampoo I need to get through first before I buy any more dry shampoo.

Next is the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray. I picked this up because I had heard it worked just as well as the Urban Decay setting spray. Now I have never used the UD setting spray, but it’s kind of on the spendy side. I ended up liking this product a lot. You can use it to set your makeup or even use it after primer but before makeup, if that makes any sense.


Will I repurchase? I already have.

Next is the NYX HD Concealer in the shade 06 Glow. I love to use this concealer for spot concealing and highlighting down my nose and the center of my forehead. It blends out really well and doesn’t look too thick or cakey.


Will I repurchase? I have, but I got shade 03 Light, which I like even better for highlighting.

And next is the NYX (yes another NYX product!) Round Case Lipstick in the shade B52. This lipstick…. *sigh*…. I love this lipstick. It’s the first NYX anything I ever purchased and it’s one of my go-to lipsticks that I’m almost always grabbing for. This particular tube was the spare one I kept in my little makeup bag in my purse. On St. Patrick’s Day, I was with my boyfriend at one of his gigs (he’s a musician) at a local restaurant/bar. I had just finished eating and went to reapply my lipstick. There wasn’t much left in the tube, but as I twisted it up, what little was there suddenly fell off and… *SPLAT* hit the ground. I was a little upset, but luckily I had another spare lipstick I keep in my purse, so I used that one instead.


Will I repurchase? You bet I will! This shade can be a little tricky to find in stock at Ulta, but the next time I see it, I’ll be grabbing it for sure. In the meantime, I still have the other tube I keep with the rest of my makeup in the bathroom.

Next are a couple of the mini size of the L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base. I discovered these awhile back at Dollar Tree. I have a whole review I did of this little gem that you can read here.


Will I repurchase? I will but I don’t need to just yet. I still got a couple more of the mini size ones to get through. Once those are all gone, then I’ll go and buy a full size jar.

And finally is the L’Oreal EverPure Color Care Sulfate-Free Moisture shampoo and conditioner. I love L’Oreal came out with a line of sulfate-free hair products. If you didn’t know, sulfates in shampoos and conditioners are one of the main causes of hair color fade. I love how soft my hair feels when using them.


Will I repurchase? I actually purchased new ones this week, but this time I got the Volume ones (because I have baby fine hair that needs all the volume help it can get).

And there you have it! What products have you recently used up? Let me know below in the comments.

As always, thank you all so much for reading! I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you again Monday with a new post! 🙂



9 thoughts on “Empties – Products I’ve Used & Abused: Spring 2015

  1. I was wondering about the l’oreal hair stuff. I haven’t tried this line yet, but I do like to try out their products even if I never repurchase the same thing 😁 hair is difficult to satisfy sadly ha ha xx

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  2. I love the NYX HD Concealer! I have to use the shade in Porcelain lol. I also liked your Facebook page. I believe I have a link to mine on my page if you would like to but no pressure 😉 lol. xx


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