The 15 Questions Tag

Hi beauties! Bonus Thursday post!


I got tagged by awesome Katie over at Plus+ Beauty Blog to do the 15 Questions Tag. So without further ado…


1. What do you think you can do but can’t?

Whistle. I try and try but nothing ever comes out.


2. What’s a difficult word for you to pronounce? 

I usually don’t find many words hard for me to pronounce, but I’m trying to teach myself some basic Japanese words and phrases and some of them can be a little tricky.


3. What are your favorite TV shows from your childhood?

I Love Lucy (grew up watching this show and it’s still my all-time favorite), Facts Of Life, Silver Spoons, Diff’rent Strokes, Magnum PI, The Wonderful World of Disney (watched this every Sunday night)… can you tell I grew up in the 80s?


4. What are your virtues and vices?

Virtues? I’m friendly and honest. And I love to make people laugh. And for Vices? I sometimes get too upset over things I can’t control. And I definitely swear more than I probably should… but at the same time, swearing is fun! Oh and people who flake. That drives me up the freaking wall.


5. What’s more important: love, fame, power, or money?

Love. But in today’s world, I’m not going to lie… it’s all about power.


6. If you could live in any era/time period, when would it be and why?

I’d want to back to the 70s & 80s and experience the things I was too young to when I was growing up during those times.


7. If you had to redo your entire wardrobe with 2 stores, what would they be and why?

That would have to be H&M – because I like a lot of what they sell and their prices are great; and Kohl’s – because half of my wardrobe is already from there. I love the stuff they carry and they always have great sales.


8. Can you recall what you were doing a year ago on this day?

Not entirely, but I do remember being a bit in shock because I learned a friend of mine had committed suicide the day before.


9. Do you have reoccurring dreams? If so, explain?

If I do, I don’t remember them. I hardly ever remember my dreams, which is just as well because they’re usually a hot, jumbled, incoherent mess. I’ll usually wake up thinking, “WTF was that?!”


10. What’s your horoscope?

Leo. And in Lunar horoscope I was born in the Year of the Tiger. Cats all around!


11.  What does your dream bedroom look like?

It would be big. I’d have a king size bed, plushy carpet and a gigantic walk-in closet with its own beauty room attached.


12. What position do you sleep in?

Usually my side, but sometimes my stomach (much to the dismay of my lower back).


13. What are your all time favorite films?

My all-time favorite is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I know that movie frontwards and backwards. If I’m channel surfing and I come across even the last 15 minutes of that movie, I’ll stop and watch it. Other favorites are The Goonies, Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Xanadu (my guilty pleasure), the original Star Wars trilogy (the theatrical releases, not the bastardized Special Editions), Moulin Rouge, That Thing You Do (a friend of mine in California & I will randomly text each other lines from the movie and then text the next line back – because we’re dorks), Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Goldfinger (best Bond film ever), Major League, The Avengers, the Iron Man & Captain America films…. I could go on forever with this one so I’ll just stop here.


14. What makeup are you currently wearing? 


Let’s break it down!

Primer – L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base & Rimmel Stay Matte primer

Foundation – Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in 201 Classic Beige

Concealer – NYX Dark Circle Concealer in Light & NYX HD concealer in Light

Setting Powder – NYX HD Finishing Powder

Brows – NYX Brow Cake Powder in Dark Brown

Eye Primer – Elf Tone Correcting Concealer in Light Beige (this stuff works great as an eye primer!)

Eyes – My Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette

Blush – Jordana Powder Blush in Rose Silk

Bronzer – Smashbox bronzer in Suntan Matte

Highlight – the highlight shade in my Elf Cheeky Glow palette (it’s very subtle – perfect for daytime)

Lashes – Maybelline Great Lash (waterproof) on the lower lashes & Rimmel Wonder’Lash (waterproof) on the upper lashes

Lips – NYX slim lip pencil in Mauve, Makeup Academy (MUA) High Shine lipstick in Mulberry


15. Do you have neat handwriting? Show us! 

It’s not the neatest, but also not the worst!




And I tag…. whoever wants to do this tag! 😉


13 thoughts on “The 15 Questions Tag

  1. I also grew up watching I Love Lucy, my best friend and I would marathon watch the reruns during our sleep overs. 🙂 The bon bon episode is a classic! Also I loved the hell out of The Facts of Life and Different Strokes. lol Pretty much my entire wardrobe is Kohl’s too, they have nice stuff at reasonable price in my opinion. 😀 Great answers!


  2. This is so fun!! How do you like the Coastal Scents Reaveled 2 palette? I have the first one and love it but have always eyed the second one since it reminds me of Naked 3!!


  3. People who flake get underneath my skin too. Good choice of movies. I also loved 16 Candles! I Love Lucy remains the best even to this day- reminds me of my grandmother and her silly adventures 🙂


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