Review & Swatches: Milani Color Statement Lipsticks

Happy Friday, beauties!

Today I got a review and swatches for you guys of the Milani Color Statement lipsticks. These are the regular line of lipsticks, not the new matte ones. If you missed it, I did a review of one of the matte lipsticks (Matte Naked), which you can read here.

Milani is pretty much my 2nd favorite “drugstore” makeup brand (after NYX Cosmetics). Kind of sucks though you can only find them in certain stores (CVS, some Walgreens and some KMarts and Publix supermarkets). I’d really love it if Ulta carried this brand, but I digress.

The Color Statement lipsticks are infused with Vitamins A & C to keep lips nourished and hydrated while also claiming to deliver on color payoff.

Left to Right: Dulce Caramelo, Rose Femme, Pretty Natural, Naturally Chic

Left to Right: Dulce Caramelo, Rose Femme, Pretty Natural, Naturally Chic

I have 4 lipsticks from this line (so far) – Dulce Caramelo, Rose Femme, Pretty Natural & Naturally Chic. Let’s break them down one by one.

Dulce Caramelo is described as a “shimmering brown nude”. This lipstick definitely has some shimmer in it and is a brown nude, but it doesn’t look like you just ate a bunch of chocolate like an eager 5 year old. It’s a pretty wearable shade that I ended up liking more than I thought I would.

Rose Femme is described as a “rose brown” shade. It’s definitely a rose shade but I don’t see any brown in it. To me it’s more of a dark rose/mauve shade (though I’ve heard some consider it a brown mauve as well). It’s a little darker than most of the lipsticks in my collection, but it’s a gorgeous color that I really love.

Pretty Natural is a “your lips but better” shade. I really like this one as it goes great with both a neutral/natural eye look or with a fierce smoky eye. This is a great “go-to” lip color.

Naturally Chic is a “rosy nude” color. It’s a little darker than Pretty Natural and probably my 2nd favorite after Rose Femme.

Top to Bottom: Dulce Caramelo, Rose Femme, Pretty Natural, Naturally Chic

Top to Bottom: Dulce Caramelo, Rose Femme, Pretty Natural, Naturally Chic

Ok so all of these lipsticks have great pigmentation and go on smooth and creamy for me. The biggest complaint I’ve seen about the Milani lipsticks is the smell. And I can understand that. They have that “old lady perfume” smell about them. But that really doesn’t bother me much. But if you’re sensitive to smells or don’t like that particular smell, you probably wouldn’t want these lipsticks (though the smell fades after applying them).

Staying power on these lipsticks are pretty good. If I’m not eating or drinking, I can easily get around 4 or 5 hours wear before they start to fade. But they stay on halfway decently when eating/drinking too. They don’t feel drying on my lips either, which I like.

The Milani Color Statement lipsticks retail for $5.49 to $5.99 depending on where you purchase them, so they’re very affordable. I like to keep an eye out for when CVS has Milani products on sale buy one, get one 50% off as it’s a great time to stock up. So check them out when you can!

Ok that should do it for today! As always thank you all so much for reading & spending some time in my little corner of the interwebs. I hope you all have a fun-filled weekend and I’ll see you again Monday with a new post! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Review & Swatches: Milani Color Statement Lipsticks

  1. Very useful post! I recently purchased the Naturally chic shade and I love how pigmented and long-wearing this lipstick is! Just followed your blog! 🙂 xx


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