Review: Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation & Powder

Hi everyone! Welcome to February! Did you have a good weekend?

Today I have another drugstore foundation review for you guys! This time it’s on the new Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation and powder. So grab yourself a beverage, get comfy and let’s get to it!

So Maybelline recently released a matte & poreless version of their Fit Me foundation. It’s formulated for those with normal to oily skin and claims to mattify and refine pores and provide a natural, seamless finish. The corresponding finishing powder claims to give a natural, poreless-looking finish, and long-lasting shine control with up to 12 hour wear.


In the foundation, I picked shade 235 Pure Beige and in the powder shade 220 Natural Beige. Both of these ended up being a pretty good match for me. Guess I’m getting better at picking the right shade of drugstore foundation!

Off the bat, let me say I really like the packaging. It’s sleek and looks like a more high end product.

Ok so this foundation you can use with or without a primer. I have only used with a primer underneath because that’s how I roll. Any foundation goes on so much better and lasts much longer when your face is properly primed. The consistency of the foundation is a little on the liquidy/runny side. I wish it came with a pump, but this is a complaint I have with most drugstore foundations (come on guys get with the program… we want pumps!). What I’ve been doing, is after shaking the bottle, I scoop out some with a Q-Tip and either put it on the back of my hand or use the Q-Tip to dab the foundation on my face before using a brush to work it in. It applies quite nicely and doesn’t dry too fast, so you don’t have to work too quickly. This foundation provides medium to full coverage, however on me, just one layer looked pretty good and I only applied a little extra to the areas where I needed more coverage. It dries to a matte but not flat finish.

So does it live up to it’s poreless claim? Yes! Even though I use a primer to help fill in/blur my pores, this foundation helped blur them even more. My skin looks a bit more smoother, which I like. Adding the powder over it to set the foundation is just icing on the cake. The powder itself is smooth and silky. It feels like a higher end product.

Ok so how is wearability? Every time I’ve worn this foundation I’ve gotten a routine at least 8-10 hours of wear before needing any major touchups outside of blotting away excess oil and re-powdering (because my nose and chin are a major oil slick). So that’s pretty impressive. One of the days I wore it, at one point I even worked up a bit of a sweat because I was cleaning house and constantly making trips to the trash compactor at the front of my apartment complex to throw out stuff. This foundation stayed on though a whole day of that.

Overall? I really like this foundation a lot. I am so happy I’m finding drugstore foundations I like! Now I can save my high end foundations for special occasions and make it last longer. Yay me!

So do I recommend checking this foundation out? If you have normal to oily skin… absolutely! If you have dry skin, I would stay away as this could accentuate dry patches. Maybelline does have a Fit Me foundation formulated for dry skin (the Dewey + Smooth one), so you might want to check that one out instead. The foundation and powder cost anywhere from $7 to $8 each depending on where you purchase it. I got mine at Walgreens and they were $7.29 each, but they had Maybelline on special that week buy one get one 50% off, plus I had $1 off coupons to use toward both, so in the end, I got both for less than $9 total (before tax).

Ok that should do it for today! Have you tried this foundation and powder? Tell me your thoughts below in the comments.

As always, thank you all so much for reading! You guys are the best. Have a good one and I’ll see you again Wednesday with a new post! 🙂

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