Review & Swatch: Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity Eyeshadow in Hocus Pocus

Happy Hump Day!

Today’s review is going to be a fun one. I got the Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity Eyeshadow in Hocus Pocus. So grab yourself a beverage and let’s get to it!

I discovered this brand last year at Ulta when looking for some new things to try. The Prestige Cosmetics display was conveniently next to the NYX Cosmetics one, so I  took a look and ended up purchasing their primer to try (which I ended up liking a lot). I picked this shadow up for $8.49 at Ulta a couple weeks ago. I had been intrigued by this particular shade for several months, but for some reason never purchased it. Now that I have it, I wonder why the heck I didn’t buy it sooner!IMG_1230

Hocus Pocus can be be described as a duo-chrome shadow with a red-brown undertone and shimmery blue/teal overtone. It could be considered a dupe for both the Blue Brown pigment by MAC and the shade Girly in the Too Faced Everything Nice palette that came out this past Christmastime.

How gorgeous is this?!

How gorgeous is this?!

So this shadow is wicked pigmented. We’re talking pigmentation out the wazoo! The color is so freaking gorgeous I can barely stand it. The cool thing about this particular shade is after applying it to your lid, if you blend it out enough, you don’t even need a transition color for the crease if you don’t want one as the red-brown undertone blends out to act like a transition color all on its own. And since this shade is a duo-chrome finish, it kind of “changes color” depending on the direction you’re looking at it. This color is perfect for a bold eye look for a night out or use it sparingly and really blended out for a suitable day look.


A look I created using Hocus Pocus. Sorry for the bad lighting. I suck at taking selfies.

So if you’re looking for a dupe for MAC’s Blue Brown pigment or Girly by Too Faced, definitely check out this shadow by Prestige Cosmetics. You can find this brand at Ulta or you can order online on the Prestige Cosmetics website.

Alright that should about do it for today! I hope you enjoyed today’s post. As always thank you all so much for reading! Have a good one and I’ll see you again Friday with a new post! 🙂


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