Review: Scottish Fine Soaps Company Lavender & Lilac Body Butter

Hi everyone! How was your weekend?

Today I have a review for you on the Scottish Fine Soaps Company Lavender & Lilac Body Butter. I picked this up on the recommendation of YouTuber Erika Alexandra (we follow each other on Instagram and “chat” every now and then). She found this product at her local TJ Maxx for $4.99 and totally raved about it. Being that I love me some body butter and a huge lavender & lilac scent fan, I picked up a jar of my own at my TJ Maxx.


So the  Scottish Fine Soaps Company is a company in Scotland that makes bath and body products. They’ve been family owned and operated since 1974. Hey they’re as old as I am!

Here’s a description of their Lavender & Lilac Body Butter (taken from their site):

This lavender and lilac body butter is not just gorgeously packaged – it’s filled with natural ingredients to nourish your skin. Its beautifully soft scent will transport you to the serenity of the Scottish Highlands, and its velvet-smooth formula enriched with cocoa butter will leave your skin soft and supple.


This body butter comes in a HUGE jar (250 gm/8.8 oz)! The body butter itself is white and it smells…. ZOMG so freaking amazing. It is one of the best body butters I have ever smelled. A little goes a long way. I’m talking a looooooooooooong way! I’ve been using this stuff for about a month now and I’ve barely scratched the surface. It still looks like an un-used product! Anyhow, this body butter is super creamy and smooth and absorbs into my skin really fast. And it is so moisturizing! I only have to apply it once in the morning and it keeps my skin hydrated all day. The smell lasts a good amount of time too.

So if you have a TJ Maxx near you, I highly recommend going and seeing if they have this body butter in stock. For $4.99 for a TON of product, you can’t go wrong! And if you live in the UK or other parts of Europe, you can order from the Scottish Fine Soaps website (linked above).

Ok that should do it for today! As always thank you all so much for reading! Hope the rest of your day is a good one and I’ll see you again Wednesday with a new post! 🙂

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