Review & Swatch: Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush in Pearlescent Pink

TGIF! I don’t know about you but I’m ready for the weekend!

Today is a review of the Wet n Wild Color Icon blush in the shade 831E Pearlescent Pink. I picked this up not too long ago at my local Walgreens as it was on sale for a whole $2. It looked like a nice color and I figured for that price if I didn’t like it, I could always take it back even though it was so inexpensive.

First off… I hate the packaging. It’s just cheap looking, flimsy and kind of a pain to open. Wet N Wild has gotten better packaging for some of the products, but these blushes are still in the icky looking cases. Come on Wet N Wild, I know you can do better with this. The packaging on your Fergie collection is quite nice. Would love to see something better for the rest of your products!


Now onto the blush itself. It is really soft! I couldn’t believe it when I went to swatch it out. Very smooth and silky. It feels more like a high end blush when you touch it with your fingers. The color is a very pretty medium pink with a bit of peach undertone and a slight gold shimmer. I was a little worried about the shimmer being too much, but once applied and blended in, it’s not bad at all – it actually gives you a bit of a glow like a highlighter would. When I apply this blush, at first I almost look like a clown, but once I blend/buff it out… it’s awesome! It gives my cheeks a very natural flushed look. FYI, the best way to apply this blush it to tap/stipple it onto the apples of your cheeks and blend out (and toss the brush that comes with it as it’s crap… use your normal blush brush instead). The staying power of the blush is average. I can get 6-8 hours of wear out of it before I notice it’s starting to fade a little. Not bad for a Wet N Wild blush! I’ve heard the Pearlescent Pink shade is also a decent dupe for the ever-popular Orgasm blush by Nars!


There are only 4 colors in the Color Icon blush line, which isn’t much, but they’re better quality blushes than I was honestly expecting. Just need to do something about that flimsy packaging! So yeah, if you ever come across these blushes, I recommend trying them out since they’re inexpensive (and Walgreens usually has Wet N Wild products on sale) and overall very decent blushes for the price too.

Have you tried these Wet N Wild Color Icon blushes? Did you like them? Tell me about your experience below in the comments.

Ok that should do it for today! As always thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you again Monday with a new post! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Review & Swatch: Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush in Pearlescent Pink

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