Tressmatch Hair Extensions – The 3 Month Mark

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Three months ago, I got my first set of clip-in hair extensions. After doing a TON of research online, I went with a company located in New York called Tressmatch. They claimed to have 100% human hair extensions that were the same thickness from top to end. I was a little wary because their prices were on the less expensive end for extensions and sometimes you wind up with a blend of human and synthetic hair or all synthetic hair when you go cheap. But I saw several good reviews on their Amazon store as well as positive YouTube reviews, so I decided to give them a shot. I liked they offer free same day shipping (if you order before 4:30pm on a weekday) and shipping is FAST! I ordered on a Tuesday evening, they were shipped the following day and I received them that Saturday. I also like that they allow you to actually take the hair out of the package and feel it to decide if you want to keep it. As long as you don’t cut the gold ties that attach the hair to the cardboard backing, if you decide you don’t want them, you can return them for a full refund.



What I look like without my extensions (photo taken February 2014 at Epcot – Walt Disney World)


With my extensions in (photo taken April 2014)

With my extensions in (photo taken April 2014)


Tressmatch offers extensions in over 10 different shades. If you’re not sure what color you need, you can send them a few photos of your own hair in natural light/daylight (no flash) and they will attempt to color match. They also have a couple of professional hair stylists that work with them to help answer any questions customers may have. Since they don’t sell a shade even close to what I color my hair (medium reddish brown), I ordered a set of their extensions in light brown and dyed them myself. They dyed well, which made me happy. I got their Artisan set for fine hair (which I have), which is 120 grams of hair, which ended up being perfect for my hair (they also have a 20″ Elite set for normal/thick hair that is 150 grams). The set I got came with 10 pieces: one 7″ weft with 4 clips, two 6″ wefts with 3 clips, two 4″ wefts with 2 clips and four 1.5″ wefts with one clip. I don’t even use all the pieces (the 1 clip wefts are kind of pointless, but I did dye one turquoise to have a funky highlight when I feel like it).


The four 1.5" wefts. The one on the far right is still the original light brown shade. Only thing I've done to it is wash it once to remove factory residue.

The four 1.5″ wefts. The one on the far right is still the original light brown shade. Only thing I’ve done to it is wash it once to remove factory residue. You can see the one I dyed turquoise on the far left.


Tressmatch offers extensions in 16″ (actually 18″) and 20″ (actually 22″) sets – they have that little extra length for if you want to take your extensions to a professional stylist and have them cut to blend into your own hair better. I didn’t get my extensions cut, but they blend into my natural hair pretty well (despite that my natural hair is currently in a bazillion layers, which I’m growing out).

Ok so, it’s been three months now. How have these extensions been holding up? Pretty well. There’s been some shedding, but that’s normal because this is dead hair being clipped into my head. Once your hair is cut/pulled out from your scalp, it’s dead. Plus remember that your own hair naturally sheds too. Pretty much any type of extension will shed, no matter how good the sewing work is. Of course the minimal the better and some brands of extensions will shed more than others from what I’ve read and seen in in YouTube reviews.


The main wefts I use all together. Photo taken July 12.

The main wefts I use all together. Photo taken July 12.


The extensions themselves still look good, still feel soft and style well. I only wash them maybe once a month (or less – I only wash them when there’s too much product buildup), but sometimes I’ll rinse them with water or spay them down with water in a spray bottle to get an old style out so I can restyle them.


The wefts laid out. You can see they're still in good shape after 3 months of regular wear & styling.

The wefts laid out. You can see they’re still in good shape after 3 months of regular wear & styling.


The dye job I did when I first got the extensions has held up well since I don’t wash them every day like I do my own hair. And since this “dead hair”, it doesn’t get natural oils from the scalp, so I apply a Moroccan Oil treatment to the extensions every 2-3 weeks to keep them nourished and soft.

I wear my extensions a lot so they’ve gotten some mileage out of them already. I’ve also received tons of compliments on my hair while wearing extensions. Most times I just smile and say “thank you” and not let them in on the secret. But sometimes I’ll fess up and I get the same response each time – “I never would have guessed/known if you hadn’t told me!” So yeah, these extensions have fooled many into thinking it was all my own hair.

So after 3 months, I’m still very happy with my Tressmatch extensions and will most likely order another set from them when the time comes. You can check them out for yourself at The exact extensions I ordered can be seen here: Artisan 20″ Set – Light Brown. If you sign up on their website, they’ll send you a code for $6 off your first order.

I’ll give an update on these extensions again in 3 months to see how they’ve held up at the 6 month mark. I hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you again Friday with another post!

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