How-To: Disney Bounding

Hi everyone! Hope your week is going well!

I am a huge Disney fan, so for today’s post, I’m going to give some tips on Disney Bounding. Now, the term “Bounding” is dressing up, not exactly as your favorite character (that’s Cosplay), but inspired by them. This is a fun way to be creative while still showcasing your own style as well as your love for your favorite character(s).

Let’s get started!

We’re going to start off with a classic – Minnie Mouse. This one is easier to do than you might think! You can either wear simply a red dress with white polka dots…

Minnie Dress

…Or you can pair a red skirt with white polka dots with a plain red top, like this:

5936424597a1a66296bcd545b18b0758 img-thing (1)

If you don’t want to do the skirt thing, you can just wear a red top with white polka dots with your favorite jeans or shorts:

polka dot top


Add some yellow flats and you’re good to go!

img-thing (3) tumblr_lgosiqmwa21qac1r3

Next up is the original Disney princess – Snow White. You can pair yellow skinny jeans, shorts or a skirt with a blue top and a red cardigan:

88011defee3d311a7a9546d99446584d HM-blouse1 plain-red-cardigan yellow skinny jeans yellow-shorts2



Accessorize with a pretty apple pin and you’ll be the fairest in the land!


Are you a fan of Mary Poppins? You can Disney Bound her “nanny” look with a blue dress with black trim like this:



Top it off with a black cardigan:


You can also forgo the dress and opt for a cute blue top with black trim and pair with skinny black jeans or shorts:

img-thing (2) img-thing (4) VANCL-Sweet-Pleated-Roll-Up-Shorts-Women-s-Black_6610874.bak

Accessorize with a cute parrot pin (like on the handle of Mary’s umbrella), a hat (you can add your own fake flowers & cherries, which you can find at most local craft stores like Michael’s), a loose-knit peach colored scarf and of course a carpet bag!

6a00d834b3761f69e2013484e11aa0970c-500wi cx35a.big il_340x270.421252886_j8xd img-thing (6)


Oops! Can’t forget some vintage turn-of-the-century inspired shoes as well:


As you’re probably aware of, Frozen mania has swept pretty much the world. Here’s how you can Disney Bound as the snow queen herself – Elsa!

You can start with an aqua colored dress:

90eb16ed93c17d13430ef7d1bce18114 the-white-open-back-dress

Pair it with a light blue or silvery-blue cardigan:



Accessorize with a snowflake necklace and some silver flats:

71367843 172276709_MV_ZM

Again, if you don’t want to do a dress, pair aqua skinny jeans or shorts with a lighter colored aqua top:

img-thing (7) x354 (1) x354

Add the blue cardigan from above as well as the snowflake necklace and flats – or some silver sneakers for a more casual look:


Of course no Elsa-inspired outfit would be complete without her signature braid hairstyle. Here’s a great YouTube tutorial on how to do it!


And there you have it! I hope these tips inspire you!


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    Hey guys! How’s it going?

    I was extremely busy this weekend (like barely home), so I didn’t have time to do a regular blog post. So… we’re going to revisit a post I did a couple years ago that most of you probably missed. Since I went to Walt Disney World on Saturday, I thought it would be fun to revisit my how-to on Disney Bounding post.

    I hope you enjoy it!


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