Hair Styling Hacks and Cheats

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today I’m going to tell you about some easy hacks/cheats for styling hair of all types!


Sticky Bobby Pins

Why don’t hair accessory companies already make these? They’d make a killing! Well, here’s how to make your own!

What you’ll need: A paper towel, some bobby pins and some hairspray or dry shampoo.

Just place the bobby pins on the paper towel, spray with hairspray or dry shampoo, then close the paper towel by grabbing all 4 corners (into like a little pouch) and give it a good shake to evenly distribute the hairspray/dry shampoo on the pins.

Now when you put the bobby pins  in your hair, they’ll stay in place… even on straight/slick hair!

While we’re on the subject of bobby pins, I recently discovered the correct way to put them in your hair is with the wavy side facing down and the smooth side facing up.


Taming Flyaways

Got an extra toothbrush laying around? Spray it with hairspray and run it over your hair to help tame those annoying flyaways. If you don’t have an extra toothbrush, you can always get one at your local dollar store.


Keep those Brushes Clean!

Use a comb to remove hair from your hair brushes, then run them under warm water to soak the bristles and evenly distribute shampoo along the bristles until you have a nice later. Then rinse and allow the brush to air dry. Having a clean hair brush keeps styling product from building up on the bristles and prolongs the life of your brush.


Tame the Cowlick

Use a flat iron to tame those pesky cowlicks. They’re also great at helping perfect the perfect sideswept bang.


How to Make Your Ponytail Thicker and Longer Looking

Try the double ponytail trick: Secure the top half of your hair into a pony tail, then create a second pony tail underneath with the remaining hair. The further away from your first pony, the longer your hair will look, but don’t put them too far apart of the separate ponys will be obvious. Fluff the top pony tail over the bottom, add a little hairspray and you’re good to go!


Make Your Curls Last Longer

When using a curling iron or flat iron to curl your hair, start about halfway up each section and curl the middle first, then move the iron down to the bottom and curl the rest.


Change Up Your Look Without Getting Your Hair Cut

Normally part your hair down the middle? Try a side part! (and vice versa)


Easy Waves

Have long, thick hair? Part your hair into 4 sections around your head. Braid each section, then run a flat iron over the braids. Allow to cool and then take out the braids… Waves ahoy!


Frizz Tamer

Prone to frizz? Remember to BLOT your hair with towel after washing. Don’t rub as that’s what creates the frizz.


Other Ideas

A braid is an easy style for any occasion and braids work best with those with thick/coarse hair. An over the shoulder braid is really popular right now too!

For quick curls, Pull your hair into a pony tail at the top of your head (think Pebbles Flintstone/Judy Jetson), divide the pony into sections, curl, let cool for a minute or two, then take out the pony tail & spray. Insta curls!

If you know you’re not going to have time to take a shower in the morning, use dry shampoo on your hair the night before. It’ll work its way into your hair overnight and you’ll have a little volume the next morning.


Do you have a favorite hair styling hack/cheat not listed here? Let me know about it int he comments below!

Have a great weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Hair Styling Hacks and Cheats

  1. Really like the easy waves idea! ‘Tween my length & texture I’d have to do 6-8 sections but still WAY easier than the curling iron or wet braid methods!! Thank you Amy!!


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