My Top Eyeshadow Picks

Happy June! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

For today’s post, I’m going to talk about my top eyeshadow picks.

If you haven’t already noticed, eye makeup is my favorite. I love experimenting with color combinations. Some days I prefer a more subdued, neutral look, while other days I love a bright pop of color. I like putting my shadows on wet as it makes the color bolder and they also last longer.

So… let’s get started!

Ulta Brand Eyeshadow

Ulta Brand

This is my current favorite. They come in lots and lots of colors and they’re inexpensive (usually around $6 to $8 for a good size single, but sometimes they’re on sale as low as $3 each). The best way to try these shadows is when Ulta comes out with their various kits that come with multiple eyeshadow quads (you can get as many as 50 to 80 different shadow colors!)  as well as a few other items like a few blushes, one or two lip glosses and a couple dual-ended eyeliners. The kits usually cost $15 to $20, which makes them a great deal. My current favorite shades in the Ulta brand shadows are Toast, Plum Smoke, Cafe Ole, Brown Sugar, Firework, Twilight, In The Buff (works as a great highlighter on the brow bone) and Golden Olive.

Bare Minerals Eyeshadow

Bare Minerals

This is a loose powder shadow, so it can be a little messy if you apply it dry. The are lots of colors to choose from and despite the $14 pricetag, a little in these pots go a long ways, which give you good value for the money. Some of my favorite shades in this brand are Grace, Queen Phyllis, Sex Kitten, Queen Tiffany, Tan Lines, Shantung and Envy.

NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

These pencils do double duty as you can use them as a liner or as a shadow. I use them as the latter. They go on pretty smooth (minimal tugging) blend well and you can do buildable color. I have this pencils in French Fries, Iced Mocha and Sparkle Leopard. I also have one in Milk, a matte white, which I use as an eye primer when I want an extra pop of color. I’ve tried other eye primers such as Urban Decay, but they made my eyelids dry, itchy and flaky. The NYX doesn’t do that. It also helps my shadow last all day and night (and into the next day even). These pencils are also inexpensive at $4.50 each. I like stocking up on them when Ulta has NYX on sale buy one get one 50% off.

Smashbox Photo Op Eyeshadow Trio

smashbox photo op eyeshadow trio(1)

These are on the spendy side at $28, but you get three shadows in the palate. I have the one pictured above and the green is more of a lighter, lime green, which is fun to use as a highlighter on the browbone for change of pace. The purple shade is really dark (almost black), but is great for when you want a dark, dramatic eye.

Benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter

Benefit Watts Up

Ok this isn’t an eyeshadow, but I wanted to include this because I love it. I got a free deluxe sample of this last year and it’s been my go-to highlighter ever since. The full size costs $30, but it’s worth every penny. It’s a cream to powder formula and you can use it on your eyes/brow bone as on your cheek bones to play up that “wow” factor. It only comes in one shade, Luminous Champagne, but it’s compatible with all skin tones.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Mariposa-fall 2011

These are on the spendy side at $18 for a single shadow, so if you’re hesitant about trying them, I’d suggest getting one of their multi-shadow palettes as you’ll get several colors. I got the Mariposa palette that came out in 2011 (pictured above) and ended up liking it a lot. My favorite Urban Decay shades are Rockstar, Gunmetal, Mushroom, Haight, Woodstock and Snakebite.

So those are mt top eyeshadow picks! Do you have a favorite brand you think I should try? Let me know below in the comments!


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