My Favorite Skin Care Picks

Happy Friday everyone! For today’s post, I’m going to talk about some of my favorite skin care products.


Philosophy Hope In A Jar SPF 20

hopeinajar spf20

Hope In A Jar is one of the best-selling moisturizers out there. It’s great for all skin types as it adjusts to whatever your actual skin type is. As I’ve mentioned before, I have an oily T-zone, but the rest of my skin is pretty normal and I’ve used this moisturizer with no issues. People have even said that using Hope In a Jar has helped some of their skin concerns like fading acne scars. There’s the regular version and the version with SPF 20 – I prefer the latter version to help protect my face from the sun. The downside of this moisturizer is it’s expensive. A normal-sized jar costs $42.00 (the super-sized jar is $67.00)! But they do make a smaller, “travel-sized” version that’s $15.00, which is what I get when I buy this product. A little also goes a long way and I learned a little trick – apply using a foundation brush! That way you’re only using a little but but ensuring even coverage on your face and neck.

Physicians Formula SPF 15 Hydrating & Balancing Moisturizer Formula Rx211

physicans formula

This is what I’m currently using and I like it quite well. This is another that seems to basically adjust to what your skin type is and hydrates where needed and doesn’t make oily areas even more oily. Plus is has SPF 15 to protect your skin from the elements. Unfortunately, this product has been very hard to find lately and I think it may have been discontinued, which is a shame because I really like it.

Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer

stila sheer cover

This is basically a 2-in-one: a moisturizer and a very light/sheer foundation. This is great for those who need very minimal coverage for a foundation but still want to wear a little something (or for those who want to wear with normal foundation as it covers up little imperfections a bit), plus it’s also hydrating. The downside is it’s on the spendy side as it costs $34.00.

Clean & Deep Cleaning Astringent for Sensitive Skin

clean & clear

I really like this toner a lot. It’s perfect for every day use and gets the excess oil/dirt/makeup left over after washing my face in the morning. I liked their Every Day Pore Toner a little better, but unfortunately they don’t make it anymore. But this is a decent alternative. It’s also on the affordable side – you can get it for $5.00 or less at your local Target, Walmart, Walgreens/CVS or Ulta.

Olay Oil Minimizing Toner

olay toner

This is what I currently use and I like it quite a bit. It smells great, gets the leftover dirt/oil and does make my T-Zone seem a little less oily, which is a big plus. It’s another one on the affordable side as you can get it for around $5.00 at stores like Target, Walgreens, and Ulta.

A little toner trick I learned – If you color your hair at home and you get some dye on your skin (your arms, face, behind your ears, on your neck, etc.), just moisten a cotton ball or a Q-Tip with some toner and gently/carefully swipe over the area to clean up the hair dye. Much better for your skin than those hair dye remover solutions they sell at places like Sally Beauty and it works perfectly!

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

clean & clear oil sheets

I’ve tried various oil blotting sheets over the years (Sephora brand, e.l.f., Bare Minerals, etc.), but these are the best. They really soak up a lot of excess oil without smudging your makeup. I use these and when I see how much oil was on my face I get a little grossed out, but then happy to know that oil is no longer on my face. They’re super affordable (around $5.00 for 50 sheets), and you can just pop them in your purse for on the go touch-ups!

Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10


I seem to have a thing for the Clean & Clear line, yeah? Well, this stuff is a godsend! Even as you get older, you’re still going to get those dreaded zits from time to time. Seriously, shouldn’t those things be outlawed once you’re no longer a teenager? The Persa-Gel 10 is a fast acting acne medication. I’ve actually have blemishes disappear within 48 hours of using this stuff sometimes. It’s that good! I always keep a tube handy because you never know when those pesky breakouts are going to strike. It’s also super affordable (less than $6.00).

Bliss Lemon & Sage Body Butter Maximum Moisture Cream

bliss lemon sage

Ok so you have your facial moisturizer covered… but what about the rest of your body? I love the Bliss line. Their body butters are rich and creamy and they leave my skin feeling super-soft. Plus they smell amazing! My personal favorite is the Lemon & Sage as I like a light citrus smelling lotion, but I like their Naked Body Butter (unscented) as well. It’s a little expensive ($29.00), but sometimes you can find a small “travel size” (great for keeping in your purse) for around $8.00. And a little goes a long way, so the tube will last a long time.

And those are some of my favorite skin care products! Do you have a favorite that’s not on this list that you think I should try? Let me know below in the comments!

Have a great weekend! See you again on Monday!


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